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All Flying Spurs come with an eight-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission, all-wheel drive, and a powerful twin-turbocharged engine. A 542-hp V-8


The 2022 Bentley Flying Spur III 6.0 W12 has a W 12, Petrol engine with 5950 cm3 / 363.1 cu-in capacity


All Flying Spurs come with an eight-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission, all-wheel drive, and a powerful twin-turbocharged engine. A 542-hp V-8


HEIGHT 2006-08: 58.2 IN (1,478 MM)
2009-2011 SPEED: 57.7 IN (1,466 MM)
2009-2011: 58.1 IN (1,476 MM)
2012 – PRESENT SPEED: 54.6 IN (1,387 MM)
2012 – PRESENT: 1,398 MM (55.0 IN)


Embrace true luxury in every shape and form when you hire a Bentley Flying Spur (2022) with Starr Luxury Cars. Agile and incredibly exciting to drive, this is a luxury salon hire brings a wealth of hand-crafted details and powerful features to help take you to your next destination in style. From the carefully designed interior through to the signature wire-mesh radiator grille, it promises to help turn every head while delivering you anywhere in sumptuous comfort and style.

While most choose to hire a chauffeur with a Bentley, there’s something undeniably thrilling about driving one yourself. There are two engines to choose from – a 4.0-litre V8 twin-turbocharged model and a 6.0-litre W12 engine. The first delivers 542bhp while the latter brings a staggering 626bhp to your fingertips. That’s a lot of power, giving you the boost needed to get this large and demanding car up to speed. Roll down the windows and the V8 delivers an impressive aural experience that any car lover is sure to appreciate. If you’re more environmentally conscious, there is also a V6 hybrid model in the line-up.

No matter whether you’re driving on the motorway or around town, the drive itself is silky smooth. Each gear is selected seamlessly with a range of driving modes available to customise it exactly. Choose Comfort for leisurely drives or switch to Sport if you want to put your foot down for longer-haul driving. Equally, if you’re a driver that prefers to have full control over your vehicle, switch over to manual mode and use the steering wheel paddles to shift up and down. You also have active anti-roll which improves comfort on the corners and all-wheel steering for ample grip on every single road. Yes, it’s a luxury car hire for cruising but, if you want to, the Bentley Flying Spur (2022) delivers the right levels of excitement too.

Once inside the cabin, you’ll be able to spot all of the luxuriously handcrafted details that single Bentley’s out from other vehicles. As with all other models in their range, the Bentley Flying Spur is handmade in the UK by skilled artisans. A plethora of exquisite leather, wooden trim and real metal details can be spotted at every angle. Each 14-way adjustable seat hugs your body securely, offering heating, cooling and massage functions to ensure the height of comfort. Switch the mood lighting to your favourite colour and grab the detachable touchscreen remote. This gives you and your passengers full control over the experience inside. Those in the back will also be afforded rear-seat entertainment, including screens and individual climate control for the ultimate in personalised comfort.

Another area where hiring a Bentley Flying Spur (2022) far exceeds others is in its storage. At the back, you’ll find 420 litres of storage space, enough to pop in larger suitcases or your golf clubs. You’ll also spot additional storage options throughout, including large cup holders and door bins – providing space for all of your essentials and more. This is a car designed for comfort on longer journeys, or designed shopping trips where you need the space to carry your goods. It is large, impressive and opulent – a sight to be seen on the most luxurious of roads and one that befits the needs of corporate travel just as much as it does personal.

At 5.3 meters, you’re sure to stand out from the crowd. To keep you safe at all times, a suite of sensors and cameras help you to keep a bird’s eye watch over every angle at all times – perfect when driving in built-up areas or when manoeuvring into tight spaces.

At Starr Luxury Cars, we strive to bring you the perfect prestige car hire for your next trip. With the largest fleet of luxury cars for hire, we pride ourselves on having solutions for every single travelling party. Our curated selection of Bentleys brings British craftsmanship and luxurious heritage to your fingertips, with hand-crafted details and undeniable beauty. We also have a team of highly professional and friendly individuals on hand to help tailor your driving experience exactly. Choose short and long-term hire options along with flexibility for drop-off and collection locations. And, if you’re planning something special – such as a proposal or milestone birthday – our additional extras also include options including premium alcohol packages to get the bubbles flowing early on.

Book your next luxury car hire experience with Starr Luxury Cars today and choose the Bentley Flying Spur (2022) today.

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