Ferrari 488 GTB - Sterring
Ferrari 488 GTB - frontseat
Ferrari 4888 GTB driven
Ferrari 488 GTB bCK TYRE
Ferrari 488 GTB engin

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LENGHT: 179,8 in
WIDTH: 76,9 in
HEIGHT: 47,8 in


Los Angeles and a Ferrari car are a perfect mix. Miles-long, wide avenues that the city grid is made of are a tempting invitation to let yourself lose in speed that is just a little bit above the average. It is a temptation that truly is hard to resist. Especially when it comes to such cars as a Ferrari 488 GTB, available now to self-drive hire at Starr Luxury Cars in Los Angeles.

This car is a work of art. In 2015, deemed “The Supercar of the Year 2015” by the car magazine Top Gear. In 2017, ‘Best Driver’s Car’ according to ‘Motor Trends’ magazine.

This two-seater is a perfect car for the ride of your life in Los Angeles. It starts with the engine, which is a roaring heart of that sporting beast. You will traverse the streets of Los Angeles in sharp style fuelled by the 3.9-liter V8 engine that underwent an upgrade at Ferrari, designed with the 488 models in mind. It is more powerful than the preceding one, with immediate, almost palpable acceleration as you throttle up. Pair it with a seven-speed gearbox, and powerful Brembo brakes, and you will get a supercar that will distance any other car on the road in a nick of time. And with a lot of that attention-grabbing roar as you accelerate from 0 to 62 mph in mere three seconds. If you keep on pushing the pedal to the metal, you will in no time achieve the astonishing maximum speed of 205 mph.  This car is one of the most popular cars being hired with us. Overall, we have provided over 2,500 Ferrari cars to our clients, and the number is mounting.

That is no coincidence, as Ferrari cars have a solid reputation of a stunning mixsture of speed and luxury. Imagine driving that red beast through the Palos Verdes Peninsula, one of the most scenic routes in Los Angeles. Admire absolutely stunning views of the blue Pacific, to finally arrive at one of the most affluent areas of the Los Angeles metropolis. You will blend in perfectly here driving your Ferrari 488 GTB with the astonishing houses of the financial elite of the city.

The Ferrari 488 GTB available to self-drive hire at the Starr Luxury cars in Los Angeles is an example of a sports car that is designed for more casual settings in mind than a racing course while maintaining all the abilities of such a car and – of course – a sharp, even predatory, look that screams ‘speed’. But the cabin is anything but the tight space you would expect in a race car. Beautifully crafted and finished with top-tier materials, completely redesigned chairs, and more storage for small items, Ferrari 488 GTB offers more comfort while maintaining the sporty feel. Driving is easy with all the buttons and controls gathered around, or built into the steering wheel with its immediate reaction to your driving commands. There is also the infotainment system present, and sophisticated trip computer as well that keeps you informed about all the critical readings.

One of the best routes to take as soon as you have hired this exotic Italian beauty with Starr Luxury Cars is the Angeles Crest Highway. Climbing the mountains for an altitude of over 3,000 feet is the best opportunity to test the performance of the Ferrari 488 GTB while admiring the snowy peaks, a rather rare view in hot California, along with the surreal view of the Mountain Wilson Observatory, its famous telescopes and an array of antennas.

And what about downtown LA? Ferrari 488 GTB undoubtedly is the perfect car to visit the skyscrapers district. The round silhouette will perfectly match the modern architecture of the Los Angeles glass towers. Their round shapes match the sculptural side flanks of our Ferrari 488 GTB, vertical lines harmonize with Ferrari’s signature front air intake divided in two with a fashionable splitter.

On your way back, immerse yourself in the pure luxury of our Ferrari 488 GTB that you can hire to self-drive in Los Angeles as you roar through the legendary Sunset Strip, full of renowned boutiques, and restaurants. Feel the power of Ferrari riding alongside the signature Sunset Strip billboards, blending them in one colorful ribbon as you pass at high speed in your red Ferrari.

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