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ENGINE 6.5 L L539 V12
WHEELBASE 2,700 MM (106.30 IN) LENGTH 4,780 MM (188.19 IN) WIDTH 2,030 MM (79.92 IN) (W/MIRRORS: 2,265 MM (89.17 IN))[1] HEIGHT 1,136 MM (44.72 IN) CURB WEIGHT 1,575 KG (3,472 LB) (DRY) 1,731 KG (3,816 LB) (W/ FLUIDS, EUR)[2] 1,852 KG (4,083 LB) (W/ FLUIDS, US)[3] 1,769 KG (3,900 LB) LP 750-4 SV (W/FLUIDS, US)[4]


Lamborghini is a brand with a very simple design ethic at its core, even when it was started fifty years ago, Ferruccio Lamborghini aimed to create head-turning works of art. Whilst driving his creations, if the people walking by didn’t turn to see the model in amazement it wasn’t attractive enough.

That philosophy along with brilliant engineering, a luxury interior and speed capabilities to rival some of the fastest cars in the world has been considered with every new model release to date. Now, the Lamborghini is the ultimate sign of luxury, and a firm favourite for inner-city professionals, looking for a prestigious and thrilling drive when the daily grind is done.

The Lamborghini Aventador SV Roadster hire car is the marque’s first convertible to be given the Superveloce treatment. No Lamborghini model could ever be described as standard, but the SV is a step further in terms of luxury build, design and power. The interior has been stripped right back to create a light-weight frame built for one thing, speed.

Combine the modifications to the engine with the fact that there’s no soundproofing and it’s clear that this Lamborghini rental car was designed for the ultimate driving fanatic. The experience of being able to touch the structure of the car and listen closer to the roar of the impressive engine at 740bhp is something any car lover can appreciate but rarely have the opportunity to do.

Getting into the driver’s seat you can appreciate the years of research into materials and design that have been conducted to get to this model. Carbon fibre is a big part of both the internal and external build, allowing it to reach its 217mph top speed whilst still looking like the prestigious supercar it is.

The seats and aesthetics still have the signature Lamborghini touch, every element is perfect in its own right. The carbon fibre solid top roof folds away at the touch of a button, transforming into a sports car perfect for any month of the year. With the roof down the driving experience becomes even more intense, whilst still allowing perfect handling throughout.

Verdicts from car reviewers and testers worldwide all rate the Aventador Roadster SV highly. The design is uniquely sporty whilst still definitively Lamborghini, a mix of the highly used carbon fibre with the classic straight lines, sharp edges and signature scissor doors, making for a versatile drive suitable for high performance on a track or a long-distance drive across the country.

We can provide Lamborghini hire cars anywhere in the UK, from central London to Birmingham. This show stopping car would be ideal to hire for a milestone birthday present for anyone with a love of expensive cars and expert craftsmanship.

This would also be perfect for a weekend getaway or attending an event. For an even more luxurious experience, hire one of our professional chauffeurs to drop you off in this stunning supercar. Contact our expert team to discuss your requirements and we can create a personalised experience, tailored to suit you.

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