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2.25 L 11H PETROL I4 (1983–1985) 2.25 L 10J DIESEL I4 (1983) 2.5 L 11J/12J DIESEL I4 (1984–1993) 2.5 L 17H PETROL I4 (1985–1993) 2.5 L DIESEL TURBO TURBODIESEL I4 (1986–1990) 3.5 L ROVER V8 PETROL V8 (1983–1986) 3.5 L ROVER V8 PETROL V8 (1986–1993)
WHEELBASE 92.9 IN (2,360 MM) (90) 110 IN (2,794 MM) (110) 127 IN (3,226 MM) (127) LENGTH 160.5 IN (4,077 MM) (90) 181.1 IN (4,600 MM) (110) WIDTH 70.5 IN (1,791 MM) HEIGHT 80.2 IN (2,037 MM) (90) 84 IN (2,134 MM) (110)


The Land Rover Defender is an iconic model from the British brand, first released over 68 years ago and since then, it has become the world’s most famous off-roader. But don’t let its original looks fool you, since then it’s ceased in production, making the original 4×4 an exclusive car to drive and the epitome of Jaguar Land Rover’s heritage.

Of all of Land Rover Jaguar’s models, including the new, most-popular Range Rover, the Defender has retained the most unique character.

The Defender is most well-known and sought after for its performance off-road. Putting capability above looks, its off-road drive is unmatched by its descendants and rivals.

Loved by both urban and country dwellers, the distinctive Defender is one sure to turn heads. It’s available in a range of bodies with the short-wheelbase 90, long-wheelbase 110 or the 130 pick-up-truck.

This model helped the transition from the original 4Ă—4, reserved to farms and rescue services, to the prestigious Range Rover model which most would be proud to drive.

In all its year of production, the Defender has kept its signature shape and form, whilst updating the interior and engine to become more spacious and modern. Most minor exterior updating has only been undertaken to confirm with new, stringent EU laws since the first build. Hiring this car is perfect to have a taste of the past and drive the original 4Ă—4 whilst still having an amazing off-road experience.

Jump behind the wheel and you’ll instantly notice how close to the original the interior’s been kept. This model isn’t about modern luxuries, that would completely undermine its original purpose, it’s become famous for its power and traction. Testers all around the globe agree on one thing, the Defender’s off-road ability is incomparable.

The Land Rover Defender’s off-road abilities will amaze you, making it perfect for hiring for an experience day. Up and down the country, purpose built off-road tracks wait to be tackled. Reaching a maximum speed of 85mph, this isn’t the car’s strong point but again, that’s not what it was built for.

It is powerful, not fast, and this car has no boundaries, it takes on woodland, snow and desserts effortlessly. It can reverse up at 45° hill and withstand water at half a meter deep, something which its rivals barely come close to, even its Range Rover successors.

Hire the Land Rover Defender for the weekend and test its abilities on any terrain to see why this has become Britain’s best-loved 4×4.

The Land Rover Defender is perfect to hire as a present for a milestone birthday or an adventure holiday anywhere around the world. With its powerful prowess it is also great to hire for events, an original way to make an entrance.

We also offer a chauffeur hire service to make this experience even more memorable. We can provide rental cars from London to Glasgow and beyond, available with many different options to suit your needs for long-term or short-term hire.

Contact our expert team who will be happy to help you with any customisation or requirements.


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