Starr Luxury Cars - Mercedes Benz EQV Hire
Starr Luxury Cars - Mercedes Benz EQV Hire
Starr Luxury Cars - Mercedes Benz EQV Hire
Starr Luxury Cars - Mercedes Benz EQV Hire
Starr Luxury Cars - Mercedes Benz EQV Hire
Starr Luxury Cars - Mercedes Benz EQV Hire

We regularly check our competitors prices to ensure that ours are the lowest on the market today. If you find a HIRE MERCEDES EQV UK cheaper than the prices listed on this website and we aren’t able to price match, We will provide you with 10% off your next luxury car hire with us. Ask our sales team for more details.








For journeys with 5 or more passengers, the Mercedes EQV enters the scene as the marque’s first all-electric MPV model. An upgrade from the V-Class, this all-electric model embodies the same demanding presence and focus on space as its predecessor. Its key evolution is in the powerful electric battery which comfortably delivers you to your end destination in style, comfort and with zero emissions. Airport transfers, long-haul family trips or enhanced luggage trips now needn’t demand multiple vehicles or excessive stress. The Mercedes EQV provides an abundance of luxuries to keep you and your passengers comfortable while encased in comfort from start to finish.


With its floor-fitted lithium-iron battery pack, this vehicle affords you up to 213 miles on a full charge. Regenerative braking technology further enhances this range and can be controlled fully from the paddles that sit behind your steering wheel. Even on the longest journeys, such as London to Manchester airport, the impressively short charging times mean you won’t be held up for lack of power. From just 10% capacity to 80% in just 45 minutes, you’ll have time to load up and grab a coffee before starting your journey back in confidence.


It isn’t just the charging capabilities that make this battery so reliable. With fixed-gear transmission, this prestige car for hire produces 201bhp and 267lbft. Even with 7 adult passengers and all of their luggage, you’ll comfortably be able to reach speeds of 99mph down the motorway. The floor-mounted design improves dynamics, allowing the vehicle to grip the road as you move and making the entire experience more enjoyable.


Stepping away from functionality, the Mercedes EQV continues to maintain the marque’s key focus on luxury and comfort. Inside the cabin, their flexible seat concept allows you to adjust the space to fit your needs. Travel with family and buckle each member safely in. Travel for business and re-configure to create the ideal moving conference space. Or, embrace the abundance of space and treat your loved ones to a driving experience that feels akin to renting your own room.


Electric memory seats mould to support your boy while accents of blue and gold ensure you remain constantly reminded of the attention to detail within this design. The Mercedes Benz User Experience infotainment system allows you to switch off to your favourite music or make those all-important phone calls when needed. The 10” high definition display also provides the driver with battery power and consumption information, making it easier to pre-empt when the next stop off should be.


The Mercedes EQV is a luxury car hire that lends itself to a host of different driving experiences. For larger families, it takes the worry out of staycations, affording you to a place where memories can be built before you arrive at your end destination. For airport drop-offs or pickups, it allows the travelling party to stick together, further building excitement for the adventures on your upcoming itinerary. For the travelling business party, it allows for long-haul journeys to be utilised productively, creating a moving meeting room where deals can be discussed before arrival.


With its demanding silhouette, EQC black front panel, bespoke 18” wheels and simple interior room, the EQV is the ideal car to hire with our luxury chauffeur experiences. Take the complication out of planning the route or avoiding unwanted tolls. Instead, sink into the comfort and grandeur of its passenger cabin while one of our experienced and professional drivers takes over control at the wheel. Trade the hustle of public transport for a luxury car hire experience like no other.


Contrary to the ‘van’ connection with its predecessor, hiring a Mercedes EQV is less an experience of convenience as it is one of opulence. Think less construction ladders and more plush seating, tailored interior trim and a driving experience that puts you at the centre of importance. At Starr Luxury Cars, we pride ourselves on having the largest fleet of luxury cars for hire in the UK. This collection includes everything you need, from prestige sports car hires through to the spacious, practical and larger models – including this model.


Whether you’ve settled on the EQV or are still searching for the right prestige hire car to suit your requirements, our friendly team are on hand. With a wealth of experience matching drivers with their dream car, we aim to take our service to the next level. No request is too extravagant. To book the new Mercedes EQV in London or throughout the UK, speak to a member of our expert team today. We can deliver your chosen vehicle to any address and provide extras, including a professional chauffeur if required.


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