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The Mercedes Maybach GLS is a vehicle crafted to offer exceptional comfort. Backed by the marque’s iconic reputation, it stands at the forefront of luxury cars for hire here in the UK. Released to offer the pinnacle of independence and comfort to every passenger, it is a vehicle that promises to turn heads down every street. 


From the first glance, the Maybach style aesthetics stand out to make an instant impression. The signature vertical bar grille with hallmark lettering is the first thing that captures your eye. An exclusive two-tone paint finish shimmers in the sunlight, demanding the attention of all onlookers and ensuring a feeling of opulence envelopes you all around. It is the ultimate in SUC driving, offering a breathtaking exterior paired with the ultimate comfort for all passengers inside. 


Mercedes’ well-honed intelligent Driving Assistance package prioritises comfort and safety with autonomous technology. Stop-and-Go Assist takes over for long journeys cross country while PRE-Safe Impulse Side Technology offers heightened protection in the event of a collision. For the convenience of the driver, Multibeam LED headlamps react to the road situation, tailoring their strength to meet the requirements of other drivers on the road. And a 360°C camera makes accurate manoeuvrability incredibly easy. When it comes to prestige car hire, nothing quite says luxury like stepping behind the wheels of a Maybach and drinking in the sheer brilliance of every inch of the design. 


Step inside and the attention to details continues throughout. The Maybach GLS can comfortably seat you and 3 other passengers, with enough foot space to spread out on longer journeys. It takes inspiration from luxury yachts and executive offices, the exquisite interior is customisable to meet your every need. The premium Designo leather luxury seats sit independently from each other, allowing them to be adjusted for the comfort of each individual. Not content with simple comfort, little stands between you and a hot stone seat massage or individual climate control when reclined inside. You’ll also discover two fixed full HD touchscreens, linked to the Burmester® 3D surround system. 28 speakers built into the surroundings allow you to submerge yourself in entertainment that promises to make your next journey impressively comfortable. 


For those that take to the wheel, ergonomically designed touch control buttons make it easier to personalise your drive. From in-built navigation and crust control through to entertainment for the entire party, you are in control at all times. Equally, for those looking to hire a prestige car with a chauffeur, this heightened control also means all passengers can rest easy in a haven of comfort and relaxation. From transporting brides to their cherished celebrations to ensuring business meetings are attended promptly, this executive hire car is unlike anything else. 


Mercedes car hire in London offers you a unique opportunity to discover the UK from behind the wheel of a prestigious vehicle unlike any other. Starr Luxury Cars have the largest fleet of luxury cars for hire in the UK, including the Mercedes Maybach GLS. A vehicle that promises to make an impact on every passenger who sits within its well-crafted body, it can take you from A to B in exceptional style. We have a highly experienced and professional team who can talk through your requirements and specifications, ensuring you experience a drive like nothing else. Get in contact with us today to secure your booking. 

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