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ENGINE: 3982CC V8 BI-TURBO, 604BHP @ 5500RPM, 664LB FT @ 2750-4500RPM


The Mercedes S-Class Coupé is a two-door executive hire car which offers luxurious styling, optimum comfort and space for up to four adults. Inspired by the vintage Mercedes of the 1950s, the S-Class adopts all the principles of the original design, with an up-to-date look and feel as well as state of the art technology. Now on its sixth generation, this luxury coupé hire car is perfect for business trips to the UK, as well as excursions with family or friends. With prices starting at around £100k, the S-Class Coupé hire car is at the high end of the executive car scale, ensuring an impressive and comfortable journey at any occasion.

Distinctly Mercedes, the coupé is a fusion of classic two-door styling and sporty but elegant design. The low, sleek body is complete with signature Mercedes lines for a dramatic silhouette which oozes expense. If you’re looking for a subtle but impressive luxury hire car, the Mercedes S-Class Coupé ticks all the boxes to ensure a lasting first impression. Car critics and reviewers across the world are in agreement that the S-Class Coupé hire car is one of the elite marque’s best creations; amazingly beautiful and comfortable with top-class performance to match.

The luxurious cabin of the executive hire car is comparable to that of a private jet. A carefully selected choice of finest quality materials is combined with traditional craftmanship for an interior which is refined, elegant and exceedingly comfortable. Whilst the design quality is traditional, the S-Class Coupé hire car is packed full of advanced technology to help make your journey as relaxing and easy as possible. With surroundings that are this prestigious, any journey turns from a chore into a memorable experience. Whilst we recommend experiencing driving the Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupé yourself, we also offer chauffeur-driven options for occasions where you may not be able to.

Available with a range of top spec engine options, the S-Class Coupé is as powerful and exhilarating as it is beautiful. It is capable of a top speed of 155mph and can accelerate from 0-60mph in just 3.5 seconds. This is the perfect car to ensure you have all the space and functionality you need for any special trip or everyday use whilst also ensuring that the driver is satisfied in terms of adrenaline and performance.

If you’re looking to hire a Mercedes S-Class Coupé, look no further than Starr Luxury Cars of London. Not only do we have the largest fleet of prestige hire cars in the UK, we have access to some of the most rare and exclusive cars in the world, including one-off models, celebrity favourites and vehicles used for famous films. We have a wide range of Mercedes hire cars and deliver all over the UK in immaculate condition. Our expert team are passionate about what they do, they aim to meet every request, big or small, and will happily give advice and recommendations to make sure your luxury car hire experience is one to be treasured forever.


I took out an Aston Martin for a client meeting and was a fantastic expeirence from start to finish. Thanks Ike and the team for your assistance

The Aston Martin is my favourite car and we hired a fleet of luxury cars for a product launch. The cars arrived in pristine condition and was well worth the investment. Thank Starr Luxury Cars for all your assistance.

We recently used Starr Luxury Cars for a corporate track day and hired several Aston Martins for our team. Starr Luxury Cars organised delivery of all the vehicles and collected them afterwards and the customer service was fantastic. Thanks Ike and the team.

The Aston Martin is always my favourite luxury vehicle and Starr Luxury Cars always deliver the goods whenever I need, even at last minute. It is always a great experience and the cars will always be in pristine condition. Great service and amazing fleet