Star Luxury Cars Porsche Taycan 2023
Star Luxury Cars Porsche Taycan 2023
Star Luxury Cars Porsche Taycan 2023
Star Luxury Cars Porsche Taycan 2023
Star Luxury Cars Porsche Taycan 2023
Star Luxury Cars Porsche Taycan 2023

We regularly check our competitors prices to ensure that ours are the lowest on the market today. If you find an PORSCHE TAYCAN for hire in ATLANTA cheaper than the prices listed on this website and we aren’t able to price match, We will provide you with 10% off your next luxury car hire with us. Ask our sales team for more details.


Style: Sedan Cargo volume: 450 to 530 L, 1,255 to 1,296 L with seat area


2× AC synchronous electric motors · 1-speed direct-drive (front 8.05:1); 2-speed automatic (rear; 16:1 and 8.05:1) · 79.2 kWh (71.0 kWh usable)


2-speed automatic


4,963-4,974 mm L x 1,966-1,967 mm W x 1,378-1,412 mm H


All-electric drive in an exceptionally luxurious model – now is the time to hire a Porsche Taycan in Atlanta with Starr Luxury Cars. Challenging leaders in the EV market, this beautiful vehicle makes an impact in the fast-paced and tech-focused center of Georgia with the elegance to stand out on every street. It brings together opulence and comfort in a vehicle that slips easily into family holidays and corporate trips alike. The epitome of versatile and exceptional automotive craftsmanship. 

Redesigning the world of luxury SUV driving, the Porsche Taycan takes you to every destination. Book an exclusive suite at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium, treating the team to an exemplary experience to thank them for their hard work. Or, head over to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens, allow the children to blow off steam and embrace treetop views over Storza Wood from the Canopy Walk. If you’re someone who wants to spend their time in Atlanta searching through the unique boutiques and shopping locations, drive over to Lennox Square or spend time exploring Phipps Plaza. You’re guaranteed the space on board to keep all of your treasures safe at all times. For longer excursions, charge up the Taycan’s battery, load in your hiking goods and pre-packed picnic before driving over to Lake Lanier and enjoying all of the outdoor excursions available. The whisper-quiet drive allows you to drink in the sights and sounds of your surroundings fully while ensuring you stay true to your personal sustainable drive as well – the perfect solution for all energy-conscious, luxury lovers. 

The Porsche Taycan has redefined the world of electric driving, eliminating low-power batteries and clunky corners. This new form of EV vehicles makes it easier to embrace the finer things in life without compromising the health of our planet. Exceptionally fast and thrilling to drive, the Taycan has built its own cult following. The 79kW battery offers 321 bhp which can be boosted up to 402 bhp where needed. Impressively, this allows you to achieve a sprint time of just 5.4 seconds and a total range of up to 268 miles between charges too. If you’re looking to go further afield, opt for a Performance Battery Plus Model which will increase the capacity to 93kW and the available range to 301 miles too. 

When you notice the battery life starts to dwindle, there’s no need to panic. Stop off at one of the many charging stations throughout the city, plug the Taycan in and you’ll get up to 80% of power back in 22.5 minutes. And, as you drive, the regenerative brake system utilizes energy to repower this luxury car hire, improving efficiency and allowing you to travel further too. Once you’re finished here, drive off in whisper-quiet silence with the comfort of Italian craftsmanship enveloping your every sense. From the sleek silhouette through to the honed air suspension, every feature here has been chosen for your pleasure.

Inside the plush cabin, you’re instantly reminded of the Italian creation you’re nestled within. The curved infotainment screen measures 16.8”, giving you plenty of viewing space to turn on the radio, connect your smartphone or find your next destination on the sat nav. All other controls sit within a comfortable distance and let’s not forget the leather-clad seats that can be adjusted to suit your exact requirements too. With good visibility over the road ahead and exceptional electric power, there is little not to love about the Porsche Taycan in all of its fineries. 

Starr Luxury Cars is home to the largest fleet of luxury cars in Atlanta. Our professional team is on hand to ensure that your driving experience, no matter how long or specific, ticks every single box with ease. We provide a range of hire options alongside additional extras and flexible pick-up locations to ensure you can spend your time in Atlanta enjoying every single minute. 

If you are interested in hiring a Porsche Taycan in Atlanta, please get in contact with our team here today. 

If you are undecided on the best luxury EV car to rent, our entire fleet is available to view online here.