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2.0 L T-SERIES I4 (PETROL) 2.5 L 200TDI I4-T (DIESEL; 1989–94) 2.5 L 300TDI I4-T (DIESEL; 1994–98) 3.5 L ROVER V8 (PETROL) 3.9 L ROVER V8 (PETROL) 4.0 L ROVER V8 (PETROL)
WHEELBASE 2,540 MM (100.0 IN) LENGTH 4,540 MM (178.7 IN) WIDTH 1,790 MM (70.6 IN) HEIGHT 1,970 MM (77.4 IN)


The Land Rover Discovery hire car has been produced for nearly three decades, and has evolved to incorporate just as much luxury as Range Rover hire cars, with all the added practicality of its original design. It is now on its fifth generation, with much sleeker looks, and can seat up to six passengers; the perfect prestige hire car for a large group, long-haul journeys or business trips. The latest generation came onto the market in 2017, and continues to be one of the most popular luxury SUVs for hire in the UK and around the globe.

The exterior design boasts athleticism and power, which translates as a symbol of strength and status on the roads. The versatile look works well both in the city and off-road, adding a touch of class to everyday driving or special occasions. The fifth generation has also become more like its Range Rover counterparts, opting for a distinct, luxury silhouette with all the added space and performance capabilities that Land Rover are famous for. Not only have the signature lines softened for a more modern feel, the updated version is now lighter and more dynamic, making it top of the range for its class.

The Range Rover Discovery hire car was built for space and practicality, and this becomes apparent on the inside. The driver and passengers sit high on the road, with lots of headroom and storage space for a comfortable and easy drive. Modern tech features have been infused with the luxury look seamlessly, so your passengers have access to plenty of USB points, entertainment screens and wifi whilst relaxing in the finest quality leather seating. Classic wood and metal panelling have been used to finish the design, reflecting the standards you would expect from a luxury car with a starting price of around £46k.

Whilst the Land Rover Discovery hire car wasn’t built for speed, its choice of refined engines still allows for a top speed of around 130mph, more than ample for daily driving. An innovative Terrain Response system ensures that you get maximum performance no matter where you’re driving, whilst retaining optimum handling. This luxury Sports Utility Vehicle hire car is perfect for any weather conditions and season, with a range of driving modes to suit your needs. It has been designed to tackle any situation, handling slippery roads and adjusting to any added weight with ease.

If you’re looking to hire the Land Rover Discovery in London or anywhere in the UK, Starr Luxury Cars are on hand to help. We also have a wide selection of Range Rover hire cars, as well as the best SUV hire cars on the market. We can offer advice and recommendations on luxury cars to suit your family, trip or destination and will always endeavour to meet your needs and requirements. We pride ourselves on going above and beyond, offering additional finishing touches and services. Our clients are always our priority and we will ensure you receive top-quality service from start to finish.

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