Range Rover Vogue Prague, Czech Republic Self Hire 2023
Range Rover Vogue Prague, Czech Republic Self Hire 2023
Range Rover Vogue Prague, Czech Republic Self Hire 2023
Range Rover Vogue Prague, Czech Republic Self Hire 2023
Range Rover Vogue Prague, Czech Republic Self Hire 2023
Range Rover Vogue Prague, Czech Republic Self Hire 2023

We regularly check our competitors prices to ensure that ours are the lowest on the market today. If you find a RANGE ROVER VOGUE PRAGUE for hire in PRAGUE cheaper than the prices listed on this website and we aren’t able to price match, We will provide you with 10% off your next luxury car hire with us. Ask our sales team for more details.


The interior of the recently-redesigned Range Rover now offers 3rd-row seating, with seating for up to 7


The 3.6-litre AJD-V8 32-valve twin turbo V8 engine develops 272 hp (203 kW), far more than the 177 hp (132 kW)


Land Rover Range Rover is available in 1 transmission option(s) -Automatic (TC)


Length 5050 16.56
Width 2073 6.8
Height 1835 6.02
Wheelbase 2997 9.83


Fitting perfectly into the glamorous Prague lifestyle, the Range Rover Vogue hire car is a big, bold and opulent vehicle. One of the most covetable off-road luxury cars available for hire on the market, this stunning 4×4 will make your Prague hire car experience truly memorable. This prestige car takes on any terrain while infusing luxury and comfort into every drive. This latest edition of the popular model holds true to the features that made this marque such an iconic leader within its niche. However, by extending the engine options and refining the exterior, Range Rover has managed to craft a vehicle that will take your next road trip to new heights. The Range Rover Vogue is the perfect prestige SUV to hire if you’re visiting Prague for business or pleasure, looking for a car for a family trip, or planning a luxury getaway.

With petrol, diesel and plug-in hybrid engine options available, the Range Rover Vogue hire car has endless possibilities. But it’s not just underneath the refined clamshell bonnet where the best features lie. The chassis itself has been honed for appreciation – ensuring that every head turns as you cruise through the Prague streets. The falling lines, floating roof and curved waistline are all still there, but with modern tweaks for 2023. Even the smallest details, such as reducing welds on the roof, work to create a sleeker and more sophisticated silhouette. Whether you’re impressing corporate clients, travelling to an industry conference or simply visiting your Prague-based office, the Vogue takes you from place to place in ultimate style.

As you slip behind the wheel of the Range Rover Vogue luxury hire car, you’ll notice the continued focus on comfort. As the driver, you’ll be able to close your door simply by pushing on the brake pedal or tapping the central touchscreen. If not, the interior door handles have an impressive luxury you’ll want to feel between your fingertips. Your driving position is high and comfortable – ergonomically designed to ensure all controls are within reach and you have the best view of the road and the Prague skyline around you. In front of you, a large Pivi Pro infotainment system sits within the 13.1” touchscreen – the largest ever fitted in a Land Rover – and from here, you can control music, navigation and climate control through the discrete air vents in the dashboard.

The new independent air suspension works with roll control to reduce excessive movements while eHorizon technology scans the road ahead in preparation. Producing less than 200g/km CO2 emissions and improved efficiency of 37.2mpg, this vehicle is quiet but remains imposing. It grips well to the road and gives you the freedom to explore the streets with ease.

If you’re considering hiring a Range Rover Vogue, Starr Luxury Cars should be your first choice. As well as a range of beautiful SUVs for hire, we also have an exciting selection of rental supercars and other luxury models, perfect for any occasion. Passionate about our service as well as our cars, each is serviced regularly and kept in exceptional condition. Our expert team are on hand to talk through your needs and requirements, creating a bespoke package to ensure you get the most out of your luxury car hire experience.

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