Starr Luxury Cars Miami - Florida Jet setter,Ultimate Shopping Experience - Rolls Royce Dawn
Starr Luxury Cars Miami - Florida Jet setter,Ultimate Shopping Experience - Rolls Royce Dawn
Starr Luxury Cars Miami - Florida Jet setter,Ultimate Shopping Experience - Rolls Royce Dawn
Starr Luxury Cars Miami - Florida Jet setter,Ultimate Shopping Experience - Rolls Royce Dawn
Starr Luxury Cars Miami - Florida Jet setter,Ultimate Shopping Experience - Rolls Royce Dawn
Starr Luxury Cars Miami - Florida Jet setter,Ultimate Shopping Experience - Rolls Royce Dawn
We regularly check our competitors prices to ensure that ours are the lowest on the market today. If you find a ROLLS ROYCE DAWN hire cheaper than the prices listed on this website and we aren’t able to price match, We will provide you with 10% off your next luxury car hire with us. Ask our sales team for more details.
WHEELBASE 3,112 MM (122.5 IN) LENGTH 5,296 MM (208.5 IN) WIDTH 1,947 MM (76.7 IN) HEIGHT 1,502 MM (59.1 IN) KERB WEIGHT 2,560 KG (5,643.8 LB)



Experience unrivalled opulence in the heart of Miami when you rent a Rolls Royce Dawn. A car that redefined this iconic British marque, it brings the luxury of handcrafted detail and the pleasure of impressive comfort to your fingertips. What sets the Dawn apart is the capability for open-top driving. The opportunity to feel the wind through your hair, the sun on your back and your exotic surroundings, all at once. For truly unrefined luxury, look no further.

Announced at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show, the Rolls Royce Dawn embraces everything synonymous with the name. It holds on to the signature grille set within the huge bonnet. The body remains imposing – a vehicle that cannot help but be noticed and appreciated as it glides throughout the roads. While 80% of the body panels remain unique, it is undoubtedly a handcrafted marble as one would expect. The soft roof is something to marvel at. Not only does it open up the spacious cabin to the elements (a true treat in the Floridian heat), but it also does so in the most well-honed of ways. It is hailed as being one of the quietest open-top cars yet, with the roof capable of opening up fully in just 20 seconds and while driving at speeds of 30mph. Roll back and experience the true beauty of your surroundings, whether you’re indulging in the culture of downtown Miami or travelling to one of its celebrated coastlines.

While the Dawn remains large and weighs in at 2560kg, it doesn’t hold back on power. The twin-turbo 6.6-litre V12 engine is the same one fitted within the Wraith. Alongside the same eight-speed automatic gearbox, it offers up to 5633bhp with a top speed of 155mph. A 0-60mph sprint takes just 4.8 seconds and all with one of the world’s stiffest suspensions for a convertible. The lower centre of gravity and reworked suspension continue to guarantee the comfort you’d expect but with greater handling ability. Sharper corners and faster speeds allow you to push this luxury can rental to its full potential but it is when cruising that you’ll feel the exclusively tuned details.

The automatic gearbox isn’t just a convenient entry, it has been specifically honed for added comfort. The unique GPS analyses the road ahead, assessing the terrain and judging the correct gear to use. It then automatically changes this to ensure you have the power needed to drive with continued grace. Not only does this ease things for you as a driver. It also ensures that every passenger nestled in the back will feel continuously prioritised.

Access to the Rolls Royce Dawn is gained through rear-hinged coach doors. This opens up the cabin fully, allowing your guests to slip inside regardless of their outfits or shoe choice. And once inside, you’ll understand why this exclusive marque has become so favoured amount Royals and dignitaries alike. Every feature has been handcrafted using the finest selected materials. Hand-crafted veneer wood has been carefully book-matched by skilled artisans while added metal and leather accents add a sumptuous edge. Each passenger is nestled into plush leather seats, with the option of massaging functions to create a spa-like drive on the go. With the roof down, the entire cabin is sound-proof, giving you unbeatable quiet as you listen to your favourite music or speak to colleagues while on the route. And, even with the roof down, careful honing of the aerodynamics ensures the wind channels over the car and never interrupts your driving experience.

The Rolls Royce Dawn was crafted for drivers seeking a seamless blend between comfort and unrivalled style. For this reason, it offers the perfect exotic car rental in Miami, allowing you to elevate your entire experience to a truly memorable one. Slip in behind the driver’s seat, tune into your favourite TV station or link your phone up for an auditory driving experience like no other. Or slip into the back and embrace sheer relaxation in a vehicle perfectly styled for passengers. Even the boost affords you the space to carry smaller suitcases for a weekend away or longer business trip.

Starr Luxury Cars are proud to have the largest fleet of exotic cars for rent in Miami. With access to the industry’s most legendary models, iconic marques and exquisite engines, you’ll find yourself falling back in love with the power of driving. Our tailored driving packages perfectly meet your needs, taking into account your passengers, end destination and specific requirements.


If you are interested in renting the Rolls Royce Dawn, please do get in contact with our professional and helpful team here today.