TESLA MODEL S - back seat white

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front- and rear-motor, all-wheel-drive, 5-passenger, 4-door hatchback

3 permanent-magnet synchronous AC Combined Power: 1020 hp; Combined Torque: 1050 lb-ft Battery Pack: liquid-cooled lithium-ion, 99.3 kWh
Transmissions, F/R: direct-drives

Length: 197.7 in
Width: 78.2 in
Height: 56.3 in


Taking whisper-quiet driving to a whole new level, hire a Tesla Model S in Houston with Starr Luxury Cars today. This powerful EV redefined the automotive world upon its launch and continues to amaze road users every single day. It brings together cutting-edge technology with exquisite luxury and a sporty aesthetic that defies the all-electric powertrain. Whether you’re traveling for business and abiding by sustainability focuses or want to experience one of the finest manufacturing names on the planet today, the Model S promises to deliver.

Gliding through the streets entirely unnoticed, the Tesla Model S is the perfect luxury sports car for exploring. Take it over to River Oaks where, not only will you get to drink in the beauty of the spatially designed homes that dot this affluent neighborhood, but you’ll also be able to stop for a spot of shopping too. The S will move silently through the streets, allowing you to choose your dream home or scope out properties for your next project. Equally, if you want to push this EV sports car to its limits, we recommend taking the Ross Maxwell Scenic Drive. You’ll find open-plan roads where you can flex your ankle while also being treated to beautiful mountainous views and an experience that will feel entirely out-of-this-world. The Tesla Model S has been designed as a luxury vehicle at its heart and certainly won’t look out of place parked up outside Potente or in the VIP section at NRG Stadium. And, it has the space to accommodate the entire family too, if you decide a trip to the Space Centre Houston is in order.

Since it launched, the Tesla Model S has fascinated road users – whether you’re pro or anti-electric powertrains. It was designed to blur the lines, bringing competent performance paired with a beautiful silhouette. In place of a combustion engine, you’ll find two electric motors that pair with a 100kW battery pack. Charge fully and you’ll receive 300 miles of range which is plenty to get you around Houston and to some of the many sights we have to offer. Speed certainly hasn’t been ignored either. The Model S can take you up to 60 mph in just 3.1 seconds and with all-wheel drive and a single-speed transmission, you’ll feel fully connected with both the car and the road at all times.

Charging doesn’t have to be a concern either. Tesla has invested their time and money into ensuring the convenience of their drivers. Stop off at one of the many Tesla Supercharger points throughout the country and you’ll be able to add 200 miles to your range in just 15 minutes. So there will be no twiddling your fingers for hours on end – you’ll be back on route in no time.

Slip inside and you’ll find that the focus on technology and comfort hasn’t been ignored. The cabin is spacious and exquisite, fitted with plush seats that offer a multitude of adjustments and passing options. Removing the engine means that the tallest members of your traveling party won’t be hard-pressed for legroom. And, you’ll get 793-liters of storage space in the boot with an additional 150-liters in the trunk.

For technology, the list is vast. You’ll find Autopilot ‘self-driving’ feature, providing semi-autonomous driving assistance for those longer journeys. Look at the dashboard and you’ll see the high-quality picture from a landscape infotainment screen that stretches across the full width of the dashboard. Tap in and make adjustments to everything, from the air conditioning to the sat nav. You can even adjust the sunroof that sits above your head. And let’s not forget the marque’s steering wheel alternative – the F1-style yoke – that brings an all-new experience and one that appreciates electrified driving fully.

Starr Luxury Cars are home to some of the most prestigious and beautiful luxury car hires available. We have the largest fleet in Houston with all of our vehicles being under 2 years old and having undergone extensive servicing. Our tailored driving experiences are honed to suit your needs perfectly. We have both short and long-term hire available as well as additional extras, including VIP bodyguards and premium alcohol, to exceed your every requirement.

If you are interested in hiring a Tesla Model S in Houston, please get in contact with our team here today.

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