Inside Jamie Oliver’s New Dream Car, a Kitchen on Four Wheels

In a move that his wife simply described as ‘ridiculous’ Jamie Oliver has teamed up with Land Rover to create a very unique car. I think it’s safe to say that this SUV is the first of its kind, we’ve all seen Xzibit transform somebody’s boot into a wardrobe on the infamous Pimp my Ride but this is another level of extreme. The Jaguar Land Rover Discovery was given a distinctive makeover to become a mobile kitchen with the potential to cook anything anywhere in the world. Working alongside the Special Operations Team, the Naked Chef’s bespoke 4×4 doesn’t just include storage space for ingredients or utensils for cooking, its wheels actually churn butter as it drives.

Having five hungry mouths of his own to feed, the Discovery was the perfect choice. The stylish SUV has seven full-size seats which fold down for plenty of cooking space, a luxurious interior and a powerful engine to match. The possibilities are endless with this bespoke car, from camping in the mountains to preparing breakfast on the way to school. That’s right, it even has a toaster, mini fridge and storage for condiments built into the centre console and dashboard for prepping food on the go. Gimmicky? Yes. But would you use it? Of course, you would, imagine the time it would save not having breakfast before work or the school run!

Jamie went on to make three short Youtube clips to show exactly what the car was capable of. Getting a glimpse of all its added features, we can see the thought process that has gone in to using all of Land Rover’s signature pieces. With the seats folded down, an entire kitchen work surface pulls out of the back, complete with hob and sink. The engine’s torque power has been utilised for an interchangeable pasta maker and rotisserie, turning at just the right speed for the perfect all-over cook. Drums have been added into the wheels for a combined use of butter churning and ice cream making, which seems like a pretty eco-friendly use when you think about it.

Going all out to make sure this was the best car on four wheels, Land Rover also threw in a barbeque, designed to replicate their signature grill. Opening up the boot reveals a built-in oil dispenser designed to look like an indicator, and ready to pull down and use in true chef style. The smaller back windows have been utilised for storage, something Land Rover is well-known for, with one side offering a spice rack and the other, a live herb garden. To top it all off, a 40” flat screen TV pulls out of the worktop area, for recipe videos or entertaining family while you cook.

The newest Discovery model has an interior designed to reflect a modern living style with premium leather and real wood accents, and now its modern look has been taken to a whole new level. Once again, Jaguar Land Rover prove nothing is impossible if you can imagine it. Their team of designers and engineers are some of the finest in the world, with the capability to push their cars to the extreme to suit your needs and wishes. Not only is this car a phenomenal display of new-age design, it’s a perfect family car for the Oliver family.

The seven seats can be controlled from the main touchscreen to accommodate for passenger numbers and storage levels needed. The five rear passenger seats also have the capability for Isofix points for car seats, displaying that safety can be combined with style in a car that would suit anybody, from a large family to a company CEO.

Land Rover’s kitchen creation has perfectly demonstrated both the versatility and adventure the Discovery was designed for. The all-terrain vehicle was built to help large groups of people travel in as much comfort as possible. From a family camping trip to trekking across a vast dessert to simply using day to day this car is the ultimate in luxury and style. So we may not start to see slow cookers built alongside our engines as standard just yet but it’s nice to know anything is possible.

You can hire the Range Rover Discovery by visiting this link