Land Rover is taking the first steps towards its electrification plans with the announcement of the long-awaited new flagship Range Rover. The fifth-edition SUV has an entirely new design with updated technology and stands as a completely upgraded model within their new range. With the pure-electric version confirmed for launch in 2024, it stands at the forefront of the marque’s goals to significantly cut emissions in the coming years. For those seeking prestigious cars to hire, this model promises to delight on every drive and craft unforgettable memories too

A distinctive silhouette

In keeping with the design that we expect from this iconic brand, the new Range Rover maintains its distinctive silhouette. The floating roof, clamshell bonnet and reduced overhangs remain integral components of its design. However, this is a vehicle that has evolved from its predecessor and ensures every onlooker is undoubtedly aware of this. A large black panel across the rear plays host to vertical brake lights – an addition that will become a signature on future releases in the upcoming years. Ensuring you’re noticed by every driver on the roads, the new taillights have been re-imagined with powerful LEDs and 1.2 million mirrors that reflect light in a customisable form. 


Alongside the rear, the marque has also utilised the pop-out door handles originally seen on the Velar in this fifth-edition model. In line with their goal of improving aerodynamics, they help to accentuate the sleek silhouette and improve drag coefficient by an estimated 12% from previous models. 

A chassis designed for off-road adventures

It’s not just the aesthetics that have evolved with the newest model. So too has the chassis and structure been advanced to improve the overall drive quality. By combining different metals and introducing rings into the shell, they have improved in rigidity, adding an impressive 50% to the torsional stiffness. There has been a keen focus on safety too, with steel used throughout the body in a bid to improve crash protection. While these additions have increased the overall weight of the vehicle, this was highlighted as an essential addition – especially with the revelation that the new Range Rover will be available with both internal combustion and electrified engines. 


Capable of both on-road and off-road adventures, it has been fitted with Wading mode. When switched on, you’ll be able to drive through bodies of water as deep as 900mm and at angles of 45°. The addition of a 48V-powered anti-roll system works to reduce body roll in excess, making hard cornering considerably more achievable. And, responsive rear wheels follow the movement of the fronts, creating much quicker response times and the capability for better stability. The Bilstein dampers adjust the suspension in as little as 5 milliseconds and the integrated Chassis Control system produces imperfections in the road before reacting appropriately. All in all, those off-road adventures that once seemed too rigorous are now entirely achievable when sat behind the wheel of this brand new Range Rover. 

Step inside for exceptional luxury


While much research and development sits behind the internal structure of the vehicle, Land Rover certainly haven’t neglected the interior either. There is the same appetite for unrivalled luxury as can be found in previous models. An extended 75mm in length provides passengers with ample legroom to stretch out and relax on longer journeys. Each of the executive class seats allow for individual personalisation while a central-mounted table glides up from the floor. Checking emails, enjoying a celebratory glass of champagne or keeping your phone close to hand become easier without losing the opulence of the space around you.  


In the SV model, the central rear seat has been removed and replaced with a champagne fridge – the ultimate in on-road luxury. Those travelling inside will also spot the marque’s newly designed 13.1” screen floating above the dashboard. From here, the driver can control all primary functions, utilising the Land Rover Pivi Pro operating system. Connect smartphones wirelessly for seamless mirroring or utilise the voice recognition programme supplied by Amazon for safe adjustment while on the road.


Moving towards an electrified vehicle line-up


Land Rover has announced that the fifth-edition Range Rover will no longer be available with their signature four-cylinder engine. Instead, the launch will open with 3.0-litre Ingeniums featuring 48V mild-hybrid assist. Achieving a top power rating of 395bhp with the P400 petrol model, these will be followed by petrol-electric plug-in hybrid options in line with their drive towards reduced emissions. The marque certainly hasn’t scrimped when it comes to electric power, utilising brand new 38.2kWh batteries that are capable of up to 62 miles on a single charge. This puts the new model at the forefront of their offering, making it a statement option for those seeking luxury and electrified on-road power. Land Rover themselves have made a bold statement, claiming that the new Extended Range PHEV variants will have the ability to power 75% of all journeys without input from the petrol engines. And, with the ability to reach 80% charge in under 1 hour, it is set to set the precedent for off-road hybrid-powered vehicles.

Transforming luxury car hire with Starr Luxury Cars


With the pure-electric version of this fifth-generation Range Rover confirmed for launch in 2024, it seems that prestigious car hire is set to see a significant contender entering the field. Having been through a 5-year, 7-million hour testing period, the reinvented vehicle brings executive travel to a whole new level. Taking to the road in exceptional luxury needn’t be reserved for trips to the airport. Now, exploring the rolling hills and taking off into the open countryside will be achievable, all with the backing of an exceptionally powerful and reliable hybrid Land Rover engine at your disposal. Think delighting corporate clients with an experience unlike any other, sipping champagne while climbing through the foothills of the Scottish Pennines. Or taking your loved one on an off-road excursion to discover a hidden cove for that unforgettable evening picnic. 


Starr Luxury Cars has the largest fleet of luxury cars for hire here in the UK. The Range Rover fifth-edition will stand as the newest member of our electric portfolio offering, allowing you to experience the seamless blend between opulence and power. Upon its launch, you will be able to book this remarkable vehicle for your next trip. Until then, we have a wide selection of Range Rovers to hire including the Range Rover Defender and the Range Rover Velar. Speak to a member of our friendly and professional team to discover why prestige car hire will take you on a journey like no other.