Star Luxury Cars Range Rover Vogue Chauffeur Houston 2023
Star Luxury Cars Range Rover Vogue ChauffeurHouston 2023
Star Luxury Cars Range Rover Vogue ChauffeurHouston 2023
Star Luxury Cars Range Rover Vogue ChauffeurHouston 2023
Star Luxury Cars Range Rover Vogue ChauffeurHouston 2023
Star Luxury Cars Range Rover Vogue ChauffeurHouston 2023


Need to be online while you’re on the move? You can work, surf and check your email via free Wi-Fi.


Range Rover Vogue will hold 4 adults comfortably as well as 2 large suitcases and 2 carry-ons.


All our chauffeur vehicles come with free bottled water for all the passengers.






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What better summarises the Land Rover brand, and its Range Rover Vogue model than 30 Land Rovers owned by Queen Elisabeth II throughout the years of her reign over Great Britain? 

This car is Britishness impersonated, and thanks to many iterations, the Range Rover Vogue available now to chauffeur hire at Starr Luxury Cars in Houston offers ultimate comfort, luxury, and space. It is by far the largest and most luxurious version of the brand’s flagship SUV.

Those willing to see Houston and its surroundings while avoiding the necessity to focus on actual driving have now the perfect opportunity to do so with the Starr Luxury Cars in Houston as we offer chauffeur services alongside the vast selection of exotic cars to hire.

The chauffeurs we select to work with are professionals who not only have extensive topographical knowledge of Houston and adjacent areas, are smartly dressed at all times, but also are trained in the customs of politeness and kindness. 

They will not only get you to your destination ahead of time and without the stress of being stuck in traffic but will stun your guests with manners and willingness to help. Such conveniences of chauffeur-driven limousines are advantageous over self-drive hire. They work particularly well with bigger cars, like SUVs, that combine more sporty features with passenger space and great views. 

The unique feature that makes this car the best choice should you wish to explore Houston’s views, is the panoramic roof. Ask your chauffeur to drive you through the city’s downtown with its skyscrapers. Here, you can admire a thousand-foot-tall JP Morgan Chase Tower, a building that is the highest in Texas, or the TC Energy Center, one of the city’s most unusual skyscrapers. Made of three facades layered together, creates a unique-looking building that is one of Houston’s landmarks.

Your chauffeur should definitely take you outside of Houston, too. In your Range Rover that has so much to do with great history, it is only appropriate that you visit Texas’ historical locations. Not far East of Houston, there is a San Jacinto Battleground State Historic Site, commemorating a battle that took place in 1836 with Mexico. The event shaped the history of Texas as it gave the state independence. Today, it is a popular location with interesting landmarks. Among them – is a 567-foot-tall San Jacinto Monument piercing. You can take an elevator to the top if you wish to see that historical location in a panoramic style. 

Another great place to visit onboard your chauffeur-driven Range Rover is Brenham – a small but cute town that hosts a number of artists and boho people, with uncountable murals, theaters, small art shops, music clubs, and even a local brewery that give the town an atmosphere of artsy freedom. Brenham is a place where the German roots of Many Texans are celebrated. It is here where many Germans came in the 19th century in search of hope and prosperity. And German roots are celebrated best with an event very similar to Bavarian Oktoberfest. Maifest (held in May), is a day of uncomplicated comfort food, beer, music, and fun. 

On your way to Brenham, have a look at your Range Rover’s interiors. It is very spacious. At the back, there is enough room to comfortably seat 6 passengers who will be able to stretch out due to plenty of legroom and a flat floor. But there is a lot of headroom, too, and big windows allow for a fantastic view out. Please feel free to ask your chauffeur to lower the car if you need more comfort getting in – the air-suspension system makes it possible even with the 20-inch wheels.

Full leather seats add to the spacious and luxurious feel of the interior, as well as ambient lighting and a soft-close door. Passengers at the back can use a massive foldable armrest dividing the compartment in the rear, with cupholders for more comfort, and a privacy glass should you need to discuss more private matters while being driven by our chauffeur.

Range Rover’s dynamic 3,0-litre V6 engine will accelerate to 60 mph in just 5 seconds allowing your chauffeur to reach a max speed of 150 mph.

Safety features include anti-lock brakes, front, side, and overhead airbags, automatic emergency braking, parking sensors, blind-spot monitors, and active lane control.

Chauffeur services and exotic cars offered to hire at Starr Luxury Cars are the best way to fully experience Houston from the very beginning at the airport, up to your final journey back there. Our chauffeurs will take every effort to turn your Houston trip into pleasure and success.

Get an online quote for the Range Rover Vogue chauffeur service today, get in touch with our expert team to discuss your specific requirements, or receive tailored recommendations on the best luxury car to hire for your occasion. Our cars can be delivered to the desired address, hotel, the airport, or collected in person in Houston.

Our chauffeur-driven vehicles can be booked for both short-term and long-term hire and our team is on standby to ensure that every possible request is catered for and delivered.

Star Luxury Cars Range Rover Vogue ChauffeurHouston 2023

The V-Class is always our first choice when it comes to chauffeur services with Starr Luxury Cars. We are very impressed by the service that we have received and the extra options available. A fantastic company with an even more impressive attitude towards customer service.

The chauffeur service that is provided to us on a weekly basis for our clients is second to none. The V-Class in particular is our vehicle of choice due to the spacious cabin and the optional extras which provide our business clients with a comfortable environment for them to prepare for their onward journeys to and from the airport.

We recently used Starr Luxury Cars for a corporate track day and hired several Aston Martins for our team. Starr Luxury Cars organised delivery of all the vehicles and collected them afterwards and the customer service was fantastic. Thanks Ike and the team.

The Aston Martin is always my favourite luxury vehicle and Starr Luxury Cars always deliver the goods whenever I need, even at last minute. It is always a great experience and the cars will always be in pristine condition. Great service and amazing fleet