The Most Anticipated Cars of 2022

Starr Luxury Ferrari Hire UK 296 GTB

As we move towards the end of 2022 and look back over the past 12 months, the variety of luxury cars for hire that have explored the UK countryside has been something to behold. An assortment of luxury SUVs, prestigious executive cars and sports car hire that took customers throughout some of the most beautiful corners of this country. From a well-planned proposal that had taken a back seat due to the pandemic to new businesses emerging and building a presence, our cars were privileged to experience many different experiences. 2022 sees new opportunities for the luxury car hire market, with many iconic marques set to release models that are heavily anticipated the world over. An awareness of the importance of alternative fuels, a need to feel submerged in undeniable luxury and a desire to up-level past road trips marks the way for an exciting 12 months for us all. 


Starr Luxury Cars bring our customers the widest selection of prestigious cars for hire, with options for every trip. We believe that access to luxury vehicles affords you the opportunity to entirely rethink the possibility of road travel. Our expert team focuses on exceptional customer service and ensuring you have access to the latest vehicles at your disposal. In this guide, we take a look at some of the most anticipated cars of 2022. 

Ferrari 296 GTB


In June 2021, Ferrari announced their new mid-engined model – the Ferrari 296 GTB. Re-defining the fun of driving for luxury car enthusiasts, it comes as a complementary model alongside the F8 Tributo. With the increased research and development into electric vehicles, this model enters as the signature marque’s first mainstream electrified offering. The design stays true to that expected of Ferrari sports cars, with the name itself drawing inspiration from the engine that established itself on the track back in the 1950s. A V6 engine sits at the heart of this plug-in and hybrid model – fully designed and customized in-house by Ferrari. This will give you 645bhp behind you, making soaring throughout the streets easy and undeniably enjoyable. 


Other features, such as a newly located engine, improve the centre of balance and work to maximize intake efficiency. The engine may be smaller but it is, by no means, quieter. The marque has promised the same audible power as the V12 – a feature that is sure to get you noticed. A compact 7.45kWh battery pack reduces bulk while the reduced car wheelbase down to 50mm has been said to significantly improve cornering ability too. Prices are expected to start at around £230,000 and the launch has been announced for Q1 of 2022. 

*Credit – Motor Authority

Ferrari Purosangue

Chasing space and comfort will be a key focus in 2022, merging together the prestige of luxury car design with the practicality to carry everything we need. The Ferrari Purosangue is due to enter the scene in 2022 as the Italian automatic manufacturer’s first SUV model. While challenging other prestigious models in this category, the silhouette is unlikely to take on a traditionally high body. From sitings released to the press, it looks as if this newer vehicle will sit closer to the ground to improve aerodynamics with a longer bonnet that curves down towards the front. The expectation is that a customisable in-built air suspension to adjust ride hide according to the terrain in front while maintaining the importance of comfort at all times. 


The shots of this exciting vehicle have caused experts to speculate that a more conveniently placed engine will improve weight distribution, moving further back into the model and improving the overall drive. Ferrari themselves have announced that the Purosangue will utilize the same bespoke platform as their previously launched Roma GT. The suggestions post a potential for V6, V8 and V12 engines with the additional option of plug-in hybrid powertrains to help edge the brand further into the electrified market. An exciting addition to the supercar market and an even more thrilling option for embracing opulent SUV options.

2022 Range Rover

Finally, in November 2021, Range Rover announced the arrival of a newly revamped model in Los Angeles. The long-awaited fifth-generation of their full-sized model, this flagship vehicle is the product of over 7 million hours of testing over a 5 year period. It has been hailed as the marque’s latest addition to their electrified line-up, standing alongside their dedication to significantly reduce emissions 2036. With both standard and long-wheelbase options due to become available, the model will hold on to those distinctive lines that have made it so iconic within the luxury car hire market. 


The vehicle will have Land Rover’s new signature marking – a solid gloss-black panel stretching across the entire rear and accommodating brake lights and indicators in total. Newly developed tail lights with powerful new LEDs improve visibility for other drivers and prioritise safety too. The new Jaguar Land Rover MLA ‘Flex’ architecture will also feature, improving torsional stiffness by 50% and cutting structure-borne noise by 24%. A body crafted from aluminium with steel elements muffles external driving noise and improves safety at the same time. An entry into the SUV market that has been much-anticipated and paves the way for luxurious electrical power on our roads.


Luxury Car Hire In 2022 With Starr Luxury Cars

These new additions to the prestigious cars for hire market are a cause of much celebration and anticipation here at Starr Luxury Cars. Each one offers something unique to the market, seamlessly blending heightened opulence with practicality and a focus on environmentally-friendly practices too. With the largest fleet of luxury cars for hire in the UK, we are continually dedicated to ensuring that our customers are some of the first to step behind the wheel of the newest vehicles released into the market. Whether travelling for business, visiting family members who have been behind a screen for far too long or making your way to the chapel to say ‘I Do’, we ensure you can discover what many of the world’s most revered vehicles feel like beneath your very fingers. 


As we enter into 2022, Starr Luxury Cars will continue to grow our fleet, allowing you to experience the power of the Ferrari 296 GTB, Ferrari Purosangue or the 2022 Range Rover. For more information or to create a customised package to suit your next trip, our expert team is here to assist. Please visit our website to request a quote or speak to us today.