What’s the best SUV for a long car trip?

Whether you’re off for a romantic weekend away for an anniversary, travelling the length of the country for a business trip or facing a long drive with the kids to visit family, an SUV is the ideal choice. Built with comfort and performance at its heart, the MPV is designed for long-haul drives across tough terrain, whilst still looking stylish and having all the little luxuries needed for an enjoyable trip. Here at Starr Luxury Cars, we have some of the most stunning all-terrain vehicles on the market to suit your needs. In particular, we’re going to look at three of our favourites to determine which is the perfect SUV to take to the countryside, the Range Rover Vogue, the Mercedes G 63 Brabus or the Bentley Bentayga? Firstly, design. There’s no doubt about it, all three are truly beautiful cars. Mercedes hasn’t changed the base of the G 63’s design in over three decades. Stunning, sharp lines and a solid paint colour is finished with a contrasting chrome trim for a classic sleek look. The interior features an elegant mix of leather upholstery, stylish features and real wood elements. The Range Rover Vogue is a unique, instantly-recognisable shape with an elongated and curved build, finished with the classic chrome Land Rover grill plate. The interior also offers a thoughtfully designed combination of soft leathers and wood veneers for a luxury feel. These two are not unlike in design, the Bentayga on the other hand is unmistakably Bentley. The signature ‘power-line’ and grill which features on all its cars are the base of its design, replicated across all its models. Currently the only SUV built by Bentley, the features and design priorities of its predecessors feature strongly. The interior has diamond-quilted leather seats embossed with the famous logo, paired with wooden highlights throughout. In terms of design, the Bentley Bentayga is the predominant of the three, every ounce of its style oozes prestige for a luxurious drive. But what about speed? Again, there’s not much in it between the Vogue and the G 63, the original models can reach an impressive speed of 130mph but the G 63 edges it here as Brabus’s engine modifications mean it has a maximum of 147mph. It also has 960 Nm torque over the Vogue’s 600 Nm, for a powerful drive with very little effort. The Bentayga on the other hand has been described by Bentley as ‘the fastest SUV in the world’. With a maximum speed of 187mph and 900 Nm torque power, there’s simply no contest. Although with a UK speed limit of up to 70mph, speed can’t be the most crucial factor in putting these cars against each other. So, with the Bentayga currently in the lead, let’s look at price. With the G63 having been completely reworked by Brabus, a more powerful engine and souped-up design comes with a hefty price tag. The G 63 Brabus can have costs of up to roughly a quarter of a million pounds, making it the most expensive of the three to buy. It’s the second highest in price to rent from us, starting at £650 a day. The Bentayga is second, starting from £135,800 with a rental price of £800 a day but the winner here is the Range Rover Vogue hire car. At £76,795 this isn’t a cheap car at all but you can have all the benefits of a luxury SUV for a fraction of the cost. You can hire the Vogue through us for as little as £250 a day for a comfortable, prestigious performance car to suit any budget. All three are packed with features and tech to make your journey as enjoyable as possible. The Range Rover boasts a 360° camera to help with parking and spatial awareness, heated seats for comfort and, of course, satellite navigation. It was built to take on any terrain. Be it a six-hour drive to the countryside or a day trip across the dessert, the Vogue was made to perform. Brabus have left their mark on the G 63. As well as a rear-view camera, TV tuner and surround sound as standard, this G 63 has improved suspension and power, making it unbeatable in responding to tough terrain. The Bentayga has been tested by Bentley on extreme terrains, mountains, snow and sand. It easily performs in all three conditions and has the added bonus of multiple camera options, in-car entertainment, its own wifi hotspot and up to 11 driver assistance features to make your drive as easy as possible. Overall, each of the three MPVs are a perfect choice for a trip to the countryside. Each one has something different to suit your needs and budget, whilst ensuring you travel in optimum luxury and comfort but the Bentayga must be the overall winner. The British brand have thoughtfully designed every aspect to ensure you have the ultimate trip, no matter the reason for the drive. Nice to use, powerful and quick, as well as having a stunning interior and exterior makes for a journey that you and your passengers won’t want to be over.