Star Luxury Cars Mercedes Benz Sprinter 2023
Star Luxury Cars Mercedes Benz Jet Sprinter Chauffeur Houston 2023
Star Luxury Cars Mercedes Sprinter Jet GTC 2023
Star Luxury Cars Mercedes Benz Jet Sprinter Chauffeur Houston 2023
Star Luxury Cars Mercedes Sprinter Jet GTC 2023
Star Luxury Cars Mercedes Benz Jet Sprinter Chauffeur Houston 2023


Need to be online while you’re on the move? You can work, surf and check your email via free Wi-Fi.


The Mercedes Benz Sprinter Jet will hold 7 adults comfortably as well as 6 large suitcases and 3 carry-ons.


All our chauffeur vehicles come with free bottled water for all the passengers.







This car is without a doubt one of the best business-style, executive luxury cars on the market. It is a huge step forward in luxurious metropolitan traveling. Other cars of comparable size, like SUVs, may be big and filled with luxurious features, but never will overgrow a van. Especially a van created with luxury and prestige in mind, as the Mercedes Sprinter Jet was.

You can enhance both the luxury and prestige even further if you decide to hire a chauffeur-driven Mercedes Sprinter Jet at Starr Luxury Cars in Miami. There are numerous benefits of a chauffeur service, especially in business-related fields that add value to your hired luxury car.  

With our chauffeur, you will never again have to worry about the topography and parking space. Instead, you will pay your whole time and attention to your business partners onboard of that prestigious European van, while our highly-skilled chauffeur takes care of the route. With a chauffeur, you are very likely to arrive at your destination ahead of time and without the hassle.

Convenience is very important, but the impression you make as a businessman matters too. You cannot overestimate the prestigious feeling you will make when inviting your business partner to a car driven by a polished, well-mannered, dressed in smart, presentable uniform chauffeur, who opens the door for your guests and helps with luggage. It will surely look the part, helping you achieve your business goals as you instantly will make a serious and lasting impression. 

The chauffeur-driven, exotic Mercedes Sprinter Jet we have on offer to hire at Starr Luxury Cars is the best option for business traveling around Miami in style. It was created as a luxurious take at the German Mercedes V-Class, with numerous bespoke customizations that were applied to create an ultimate prestige car. 

Both driver and passengers experience the luxury surroundings created with the highest quality materials and built with attention to detail. 

The Mercedes Sprinter Jet we have on offer to hire at Starr Luxury Cars in Miami is no different. It can host up to six passengers who will immediately immerse in comfort thanks to soft leather-laden, electrically controlled, softly quilted pilot seats. The rhomboidal padding of the seats corresponds well with the identical leather padding on the ceiling, creating a cohesive, cozy feeling of comfort. Extra legroom for each passenger only adds to the general impression of elegance and space. 

It is perfectly possible to hold a full-on business meeting in our chauffeur-driven luxury Mercedes Sprinter Jet immediately after leaving Miami International Airport. Two in-built Apple TVs, large, retractable stainless steel and leather padded tables, USB chargers in side furniture, 240V plug sockets, and your own wifi make it more than possible, ensuring you and your business partners are well prepared for a day of hard work as you approach the city’s Central Business District.

A partition will separate you from the driver in case you need a more discreet conversation. For added comfort during the journey and meetings, there is also a fridge and a cabinet with crystal glasses in case your guests want some refreshments, plus additional soundproofing and insulation. You can enjoy a quiet and calm journey even in the busiest traffic or the noisiest area of Miami.

This glossy, black, comfortable, and prestigious European van is made to impress. It will fit well among the high silvery towers of Miami’s business district descending into the ocean, a view that most surely will compete with the most popular imagery of Manhattan. Take your guests for a ride to the adjacent Bayfront Park, where exotic palm trees stand tall against the backdrop of the white skyscrapers and the Light Tower, a sculpture that represents moonlight over Miami. 

Why not go to the adjacent Bayfront Park, where you can fully appreciate the luxurious features of our Mercedes Sprinter Jet hired at Starr Luxury Cars. It is equipped with double glazed panoramic roof, which not only allows for more headroom for your passengers but also helps to totally transform the interior, creating a spacious yet relaxing atmosphere. This makes the Mercedes Sprinter Jet the perfect van to admire the views of the Business District filled with tall skyscrapers. These are views your business partners will remember for a long time.

This exotic European Mercedes Van is one of the most comfortable and luxurious vans on the market, but also the safest. Your and your passengers’ safety is guaranteed not only with our chauffeur’s skills, but with a plethora of systems that were put into this car: from active brake assist, active lane keeping systems, rear cross-traffic alert, to blind spot assist.

Chauffeur services and cars offered to hire at Starr Luxury Cars are the best way to fully experience Miami from the very beginning at the airport, up to your final journey back there. Our chauffeurs will take every effort to turn your Miami trip into pleasure: from helping with your luggage at the airport and the hotel to driving you smoothly around this stunning city.

Get an online quote for the Mercedes Sprinter Jet chauffeur service today, get in touch with our expert team to discuss your specific requirements, or receive tailored recommendations on the best luxury car to hire for your occasion. Our cars can be delivered to the desired address, hotel, the airport, or collected in person in Miami.

Our chauffeur-driven vehicles can be booked for both short-term and long-term hire and our team is on standby to ensure that every possible request is catered for and delivered.

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Star Luxury Cars Mercedes Benz Jet Sprinter Chauffeur Houston 2023

The V-Class is always our first choice when it comes to chauffeur services with Starr Luxury Cars. We are very impressed by the service that we have received and the extra options available. A fantastic company with an even more impressive attitude towards customer service.

The chauffeur service that is provided to us on a weekly basis for our clients is second to none. The V-Class in particular is our vehicle of choice due to the spacious cabin and the optional extras which provide our business clients with a comfortable environment for them to prepare for their onward journeys to and from the airport.

We recently used Starr Luxury Cars for a corporate track day and hired several Aston Martins for our team. Starr Luxury Cars organised delivery of all the vehicles and collected them afterwards and the customer service was fantastic. Thanks Ike and the team.

The Aston Martin is always my favourite luxury vehicle and Starr Luxury Cars always deliver the goods whenever I need, even at last minute. It is always a great experience and the cars will always be in pristine condition. Great service and amazing fleet