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You can’t pass a September in LA without being drawn into the buzz and excitement of the Primetime Emmy Awards. Now in its 75th year, this world-famous ceremony honors the very best in American prime-time television. 2023 sees the presentation broadcast live on the 19th of September and is expected to attract millions of viewers from all over the world. Whether you’re hoping to get a covetable spot on the Red Carpet bleachers or want to slip into one of the pre-parties throughout the city, hire a luxury car to elevate the entire experience. At Starr Luxury Cars, our fleet of elegant and prestigious vehicles helps you make an impact. Cruise past in a hand-crafted cruiser or embrace supercar acceleration – whatever it takes you make you feel entirely at home around the leaders of television excellence.

Starr Luxury Cars Emmy Awards Los Angeles California 2023

A History Of The 75th Primetime Emmy Awards in LA

Since 1949, the Emmy Awards have been one of the most coveted accolades for television actors throughout the country. They are considered on par with other awards, including the Academy Awards and Tony Awards. Actors, producers and those frequenting the television industry eagerly await the nomination announcements while also preparing for an opulent evening celebration when the winners are officially reported. The Awards are a symbol of peer appreciation. The official nomination list is highly debated for months in the run-up, however, only National Active members of the Television Awards are permitted to cast the final vote. This allows those within the industry to celebrate talented actors and producers, without running the risk of skewed popularity votes.

Starr Luxury Cars Emmy Awards Los Angeles California 2023

While tickets to the Emmy Awards themselves are by invitation only, there are a host of ways you can get involved in the celebrations. Many apply to be a seat filler – someone who fills the seats of celebrities who need to accept an award or won’t be able to attend for some reason. Others apply for the Red Carpet Sweepstake to grab an opportunity to sit in the heart of the excitement as celebrities make their way into the Microsoft Theatre. Whether you fit into one of these categories or have managed to get your hands on an ever-so-covetable awards ticket, the event promises to be one to remember. Hiring a luxury car for your travels not only elevates the experience significantly. It also provides a calm space for you to relax before your arrival and ensures your outfit remains red-carpet-ready before the cameras start to flash. 

Starr Luxury Cars Emmy Awards Los Angeles California 2023

Arrive on the red carpet in impeccable style when you hire a chauffeur-driven Rolls Royce Phantom

The red carpet has long been the pinnacle of television stardom – an opportunity to be photographed in your finest garments and attend the most highly-anticipated events. The Emmys carpet is no different and those turning up to saunter down it spend months preparing for these moments. From American rapper, Lizzo’s, multi-layer tulle red dress in 2022 to Sarah Jessica Parker in that Anna Molinari dress back in 2004, the fight to capture the eye of the cameras is always there. Attending this prelude to the Emmys is an opportunity to be photographed alongside some of the acting world’s finest talents. And one thing you can guarantee is that none of the VIPs you spot there will have traveled to this iconic event via the metro. 

Hiring a luxury car for the red carpet is a prerequisite for such an event. And, hiring a prestige car with a professional chauffeur takes this to a whole new level. Opt for the Rolls Royce Phantom and discover the pinnacle of on-road transportation. Crafted in the heart of England, this exquisite car was designed for chauffeur-driven excellence. It has a distinctive silhouette that will have the camera twisting in your direction instantly. Inside, the passenger-centric cabin ensures the ultimate comfort. Large, reclining seats wrapped in prestigious leather and surrounded by open-pore wood details beckon you in. With the latest sound-deadening technology, you’ll sink into a haven of tranquility with enough space to flatten out your gown or re-knot your tie. Request a premium alcohol package on board and a glass of champagne can make its way into your hands for those pre-carpet jitters. While you relax, our professional driver will maneuver the busy LA streets and find the ideal drop-off point. 

Starr Luxury Cars Emmy Awards Los Angeles California 2023

Make an entrance at your Emmys pre-party when you hire a Bentley Flying Spur

The Emmy Awards are rarely a one-location event. With a highly exclusive invitation list, many opt to get the party started elsewhere – both before and after the ceremony itself. With addresses kept discreetly secret and on a need-to-know basis, these are the events you’ll want to attend if the buzz of the awards has your excitement levels soaring. In previous years, they have been held in such iconic locations as L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele and The Spa at Beverly Wilshire. From gifting suites overflowing with bespoke treats to opportunities to toast the nominated talent, these events have become just as anticipated as the red carpet itself. And, if you’re lucky enough to gain access, a luxury car ensures everyone there knows that you belong.

Starr Luxury Cars Emmy Awards Los Angeles California 2023

Hire a Bentley Flying Spur and you’ll experience this and more. Another handcrafted vehicle designed and manufactured in England, it has as equally revered a presence as the Rolls Royce. With a 4.0-litre V8 engine and 542bhp, this colossal vehicle glides along the roads while also exploding into power when you’re running late. It offers an abundance of internal space and has a design crafted to prioritize comfort too. Four-wheel steering and a honed air suspension melt away potholes while the use of prestige materials inside are there to envelop you in unrivaled comfort. Listen to radio coverage of the upcoming event through the Bang and Olufsen stereo. Or simply bask in the whisper-quiet surroundings as you glide through the LA streets and find your way to one of the most desirable events on your calendar this year. 

Celebrate in style with the Emmy Award winners at an after-party and hire a Chauffeur-driven Cadillac Escalade

Just like the pre-event celebrations, the Emmy Awards don’t end the minute the final statuette is given out. Excitable winners and disheartened runners-up alike seek to extend the party further into the night and the post-awards festivities have become just as iconic in their own right. Similar to the pre-parties, these events and locations are kept confidential and limited to a must-know basis. However, those lucky enough to garner an invite will find themselves sipping champagne alongside world-class actors and delving into an excitable atmosphere that promises to last long into the evening.

Celebrations like this should be enjoyed to their fullest. Hiring a chauffeur-driven Cadillac Escalade allows you to travel with other like-minded individuals while allowing yourself that extra glass of champagne. An enormous vehicle, the Escalade was born in the US and embraces everything that the American culture loves about ostentatious design. The potential to generate 420bhp along with a wealth of prestigious materials and adaptive air suspension all work to create a cloud-soft, remarkable drive on the busiest roads. Get the party started instantly by connecting your smartphone and enjoying the 36-speaker sound system. Or simply recline in one of the 15-way adjustable chairs and enjoy the calm before the true celebrations kick off.

Starr Luxury Cars Emmy Awards Los Angeles California 2023

Discover the opulence of the 75th Emmy Awards in LA with prestige car hire from Starr Luxury Cars

With the same prestige as the Tony Awards and a guest list highlighting the most significant television actors, the 75th Primetime Emmy Awards promises to deliver an unforgettable event. Whether you’re sitting in the front row or are hoping to catch a glimpse of your favorite celebrity, hiring a luxury car allows you to feel like red-carpet royalty at all times. Choose a vehicle with our tailored chauffeur driving experiences and you elevate this further, entirely eliminating on-road stress and allowing yourself to sink into exceptional calm straight away. All of our drivers are fully insured and vetted, with an in-depth knowledge of the surrounding roads and a passion for exceptional service.

We offer tailored driving experiences that are honed to suit your every need. From spacious SUVs for families to sleek sports cars to get the blood flowing, our expansive fleet promises a vehicle to suit your needs. Discover our full collection of luxury cars for hire in Los Angeles on our website here today. Alternatively, get in contact to discuss your individual booking in more depth with a member of our professional team.

Starr Luxury Cars Emmy Awards Los Angeles California 2023