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The Tesla Model X prom hire car is one of the most modern and unique options we offer for luxury prom transport hire in the UK.

Not only is it a fully electric vehicle, it is also the fastest SUV ever made and benefits from high tech features and state-of-the-art engineering and design.

If you’re looking for a unique car to hire for prom, you have got to take the Tesla Model X into consideration.

Alongside your executive Tesla prom chauffeur, the Model X can seat between four and six passengers, making this one of the best cars to hire for prom if you’re looking to travel as a group.

You and your friends can get comfortable with plenty of space and highly luxurious surroundings, relaxing and having fun together while your personal prom chauffeur concentrates on getting you to the ceremony on time.

Although it’s classed as an SUV, the Tesla Model X prom hire car has one of the most unique and modern exterior designs on the market.

Sleek curves and a smooth finish give it the aerodynamics it needs to reach incredible speeds.

And whilst you benefit from all the added space while in the vehicle for an extremely comfortable journey, the Tesla Model X also features falcon wing doors, a premium addition to the design that will ensure you can get in and out of the luxury hire car without worrying about creasing your perfect prom outfit.

Very pleased with the service received and the exceptional quality of the car that arrived to pick up my son for his prom. Our chauffeur was incredibly patient, well presented and made evening even more special.