Embrace Your Inner Otaku Luxury Car Hire for an Unforgettable Anime Expo Experience in Los Angeles

If there’s one city in the US that is globally renowned for being the heart of luxury, it’s Miami. From shopping at the Bal Harbour to indulging in the crystal steam room at the Acqualina Spa, opportunities to experience the finer sides of life are dotted on every single corner. While many choose to rollerblade their way through South Beach, the Floridian heat is not to be belittled. Not to mention the sheer number of activities and locations that are sure to extend your itinerary demand the most convenient transportation option. Choose to hire a luxury car in Miami with a professional chauffeur and you’ll discover the pinnacle of on-road travel. Sink into the automotive excellence of names such as Rolls Royce, GMC and Lincoln and explore The Magic City with Starr Luxury Cars.

Starr Luxury Cars Miami - Florida Jet setter,Ultimate Shopping Experience 2023

Elevate airport transfers in Miami with a chauffeur-driven Lincoln Navigator

With so much opulence at every turn, even mundane journeys deserve to have a shimmer of sparkle about them. Choose to prioritise luxury from the moment you step off the plane with a chauffeur-driven car hire experience. The Lincoln Navigator is a prestige SUV created for these types of journeys. It has a colossal presence – one that dominates most roads and demands the attention of every passerby. The plethora of space doesn’t stop on the outside either. The Navigator’s cabin has been honed for comfort, with armchair-style seats and an abundance of leg and headroom. Step off the plane, slip inside and rest easy. Our professional drivers take care of all practicalities, loading your luggage into the 540-litre trunk and identifying the clearest route.

Starr Luxury Cars Miami - Florida Jet setter,Ultimate Shopping Experience - Lincoln Navigator 2023

No matter whether your next destination is your suite at the St Regis Bal Harbour Resort or a lunch reservation at Zuma, our drivers are dedicated to ensuring your comfort at all times. The multi-adjustable armchair seats contour to support your body after a hard flight. Cutting-edge technology keeps even the most restless of travellers entertained during long drives. And, the independent suspension system allows you to truly switch off, banishing the distractions around you to a forgone memory and focusing on the excitement of your upcoming schedule. The perfect way to precede a truly unforgettable trip.

Starr Luxury Cars Miami - Florida Jet setter,Ultimate Shopping Experience 2023

Indulge trend-setting passions with luxury shopping in Miami and a chauffeur-driven Cadillac Escalade ESV

This opulent corner of Florida is world-renowned for being home to many of the most iconic brands and exquisite shopping experiences. Few who step through the sun-soaked streets of Miami can hope to escape the allure of quaint boutiques and flagship stores. For those here specifically to warm their credit card or find that specific treasure should hire a Cadillac Escalade ESV with a professional driver for the experience. Boasting enough space for all your shopping delights, this American-crafted automobile certainly knows how to stand out in a city of supercars. It paints an impressive figure on the roads, towering above most other vehicles and coercing others from its path. With space for up to eight passengers inside, the Escalade ESV allows for excitable shopping trips with the girls through to family excursions on the gold-studded streets of this exotic city.

Hire a Cadillac Escalade ESV with a professional chauffeur and request a trip over to Bal Harbour Shops. Hailed as one of the most productive shopping centres in the world, this open-air mall sits in the heart of Miami Beach. It is a much-loved curation of designer boutiques and department stalls, all of which sit nestled in a tropical garden. Wander through the palm-tree-lined walkways and you’ll find such names as Balenciaga, Dolce & Gabbana and Harry Winston – each calling your name and alluring to the wonders within. With a professional chauffeur, you’ll be able to start your shopping trip instantly without worrying about finding parking or manoeuvring this colossal vehicle into a space. Meander through the stores, enjoying every moment and shopping with ease, knowing you have plenty of space within the 722-litre trunk to store all your treasured finds.

Starr Luxury Cars Miami - Florida Jet setter,Ultimate Shopping Experience - Cadillac Escalade 2023

Embrace thrills before you’ve even stepped foot in AXDance when you hire an Audi R8

Drinking in the full breadth of Miami during your trip is a challenge for any visitor. For many, a helicopter tour over the city or a yacht exploration offer the ultimate allure. With VIP helicopter charter services throughout the city and helipads located at Embassair and Miami Executive Airport, finding your way into the skies has never been easier. If you choose to book one of these airborne adventures, extend that feeling of luxury throughout your day and hire a Rolls Royce Phantom Series 8. This handcrafted beauty is a feat of exceptional craftsmanship. From the Spirit of Ecstasy ornament standing proud on its bonnet to the hand-stitched upholstery within, every minute detail is a celebration of design. Even the act of climbing inside has been elevated. Rear-hinged coach doors optimize access, opening up the large and sumptuous cabin for appreciation.

Starr Luxury Cars Miami - Florida Jet setter,Ultimate Shopping Experience - Audi R8 2023

Slip inside, sink into the armchair-style seats and allow our professional driver to take control. With detailed knowledge of the roads ahead, they make it a priority to maintain punctuality at all times. There’s no need to worry about missing your pilot or finding yourself stranded. Our tailored driving experiences put you at the forefront of importance at all times. Those more drawn to the ocean than the air can indulge in the same luxury car when they choose to charter a yacht. Just as we would for a helicopter ride, our professional chauffeurs can organize collection and drop-off from any location within the Miami area. From Bay Harbour Marina to Key West Marina, no matter your chosen port, we guarantee swift transport and unrivaled luxury at every stage of your booking.

Discover relaxation of the finest kind when you hire a chauffeur-driven Mercedes Benz EQS 580

Days spent shopping and exploring this iconic city deserve to include a dash of relaxation in the mix too. Miami is known for its world-class spas – exquisite experiences that loosen muscle knots and calm overactive minds. Book one of the richly-appointment suites at the Acqualina Resort and take advantage of the on-sight spa. This indulgent retreat is the proud recipient of Five Stars by Forbes Travel Guide and has been cited as the Best Hotel Spa in the US by USA Today. It has treatment rooms like no other, along with an outdoor terrace retreat and a host of signature treatments to create the ultimate mind-body connection. From the Balancing Massage with Volcanic Stones to the full-body Orange Blossom treatment, you’re guaranteed to step out feeling entirely renewed.

Step out from an unforgettable experience such as this and slip into the equally calm, tranquil and prestigious haven of the Mercedes Benz EQS 580. This all-electric vehicle stands as the pinnacle of opulence during your trip. It boasts a powerful electric motor that connects to each axle, providing all-wheel drive and a mindblowing 516bhp. Air suspension irons out all irregularities in the road while the whisper-quiet drive keeps your stress levels near non-existent for longer. Those nestled inside will find themselves wrapped in prestigious materials too, with multi-adjustable seating honed to suit your every need. So, extend those feelings of sheer peace for longer as you glide on to your next destination.

Starr Luxury Cars Miami - Florida Jet setter,Ultimate Shopping Experience - Mercedes Benz S580 2023

Evenings wrapped in opulence when you hire a chauffeur-driven Range Rover Vogue

From admiring the Versace-inspired decor at Gianni’s in South Beach to VIP-seating at Mokai Lounge, Miami brings some of the most vibrant nightlife right to your fingertips. Eliminate the stress of identifying the best route there. Cut out the worry of having that extra glass of champagne. Enjoy special celebrations from the moment you step outside of the hotel. Hire a chauffeur-driven Range Rover Vogue and discover the finest way to indulge in The Magic City’s eclectic and luxury-fuelled nightlife. This British-crafted vehicle embraces SUV versatility with pride – all without turning its back on beauty. From the angular silhouette with softened curves to the expansive cabin, every detail focuses on your enjoyment.

Ask your professional chauffeur to head for Nikki Beach where you’ll find private hammocks that give you a few moments of quiet time with that special person. Or, head over to SkyBar to discover an idyllic oasis bathed in eclectic music and VIP’s. Those looking for calmer evenings should book a table at Bourbon Steak by Michael Mina – the only location for succulent steak recipes with hormone-free meat. Or drink in the most impressive skyline views with cocktails at Rosa Sky. No matter your choice of evening entertainment, having a chauffeur-driven luxury car at your disposal allows you to fully indulge and celebrate every moment of your stay.

Starr Luxury Cars Miami - Florida Jet setter,Ultimate Shopping Experience - Range Rover Vogue 2023

Explore the heart of Miami in ultimate style with chauffeur-driven luxury car hire from Starr Luxury Cars

From the artistic culture to the unrivalled opulence, it’s little wonder that Miami continues to be one of the most popular destinations in Florida. There’s something here to beckon back every visitor time and time again. Choose to hire a prestige car in Miami with Starr Luxury Cars and discover a way to explore deeper, further and more authentically. Our professional chauffeurs are all fully-vetted and insured, with our shared dedication to exceptional service. They maintain constant awareness of road situations and work to prioritise punctuality at all times. With one of the largest fleets of prestige cars for hire in the city, we are proud to have some of the most covetable and beloved models available for your needs.

To discover our full collection of luxury cars for hire with professional chauffeurs in Miami, visit our website here today. Alternatively, get in contact with our professional team who are here to answer all questions and queries.