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The Mercedes S-Class is an executive saloon hire car especially designed to be chauffeur-driven, making it one of the most popular cars to hire for prom.

Built entirely around the passenger experience, the Mercedes S-Class prom hire car features a timeless, elegant exterior and a classic, comfortable interior with attention to detail apparent in both the front and rear.

Its prestigious silhouette is instantly recognisable as one of the most refined luxury cars, at the top of its class for occupant comfort, relaxation and safety.

Alongside your professional Mercedes prom chauffeur, there is enough seating for three or four passengers, making the Mercedes S-Class an excellent choice for students looking to travel with a date or group of friends.

Not only can you spend the journey experiencing luxury prom transport with your friends, this is an excellent way to make prestige prom car hire affordable. And your arrival will still be every bit as impressive once you get to the venue.

Not only will each passenger benefit from ample leg and headroom and plenty of personal space, the Mercedes S-Class also features wide opening doors, ideal for entering and departing while keeping your prom outfit looking perfect.

A classy and traditional choice for luxury prom transport in the UK, the Mercedes S-Class is the perfect mode of transport to accompany a smart suit or ball gown.

Very pleased with the service received and the exceptional quality of the car that arrived to pick up my son for his prom. Our chauffeur was incredibly patient, well presented and made evening even more special.