Lamborghini Hire For Prom

You’ve been at school for eleven years, working hard, having fun and making friends and now you’re finally ready to take the next step and go it alone. To celebrate completing your exams and say goodbye to your friends, hopefully your school has organised an end of year party for you to enjoy, and with the year truly under way, it may be time to start planning for your prom. At the top of your

Top Five Fastest Supercars in the World: The Driveways of the Rich and Famous

The thrill, power and adrenaline felt when sitting behind the wheel of one of the world’s fastest cars is indescribable. Whether you’re going full throttle on the racetrack or getting a taste of the potential on the open roads, prestige hire supercars offer excitement, stunning looks, and above all, speed. And with heaps of add-ons and luxurious personalisation options, these hypercars can end up costing millions, reserved to the private land of the UK’s top

It’s Snowing: The Best Luxury 4x4s For Snow

When winter in the UK is at its peak and snow in London becomes a trending topic, you don’t just need to think about what you’re going to wear to combat the cold. If you rely on your car every day for your business or your family or you’re planning a one-off trip during the winter months, you may need to rethink what you’re driving. With short-term and long-term hire options and a wide range

Hire a Prestige Car for the British Grand Prix: The Best Way to Attend the Event

One of the most exciting sporting events of the year is set to return to Silverstone this July; eagerly anticipated by car fanatics and Formula One followers. The 2018 British Grand Prix comes at a thrilling time, around halfway through the season when we will be able to see how likely Lewis Hamilton is to win his fifth Formula One championship in a row for phenomenal constructor, Mercedes. Not only will the long weekend be

Luxury Chauffeur Driven Tours: The Best Way to See London Castles

London is a capital city famous for its landmarks, heritage and architecture. From Monday to Friday, its streets are filled with commuters and tourists, shoppers and visitors. But if you don’t live in London or only spend your time there working, it can be easy to forget that London and its neighbouring counties are actually home to some of the most beautiful castles in the world. And if you can free up some time on

Luxury Valentine’s Day Experiences & The Best Places to Propose

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, you may have given some thought to a suitable Valentine’s Day gift; perhaps a new handbag, a nice watch or some jewellery but the next thing to consider is where you should go for the big day. At Starr Luxury Cars, we believe the best gift is an experience; sharing your time with that special someone whilst you both take pleasure in an outing, whether it’s an evening at your

Kendrick Lamar Concert VIP Experience – The Ultimate Valentine’s VIP Package

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, it’s time to start thinking about how you’re going to impress that special someone. If you need some Valentine’s Day luxury gift ideas, Starr Luxury Cars have put together an exclusive VIP experience to take all the hard work and planning out; and we’re not talking chocolates, flowers or even a nice restaurant; oh no … we’ve got something far more exciting in store. On Tuesday 13th February, seven-time Grammy

Ascari Assault European Tour – A Starr Luxury Experience

ASCARI ASSAULT DATES – MONDAY, 23RD APRIL to FRIDAY, 27TH APRIL 2018 Happy New Year Everyone, 2018 is going to be an action-packed year full of Starr Luxury Experiences. From adrenaline racing days on the track to international tours and bespoke experiences, including VIP evenings at events or Starr Luxury dining experiences, keep your eyes peeled for all the action. We are super excited to announce that we have partnered with Club GT Events to

Extravagant Wedding Cars: What will Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Choose?

If you haven’t heard about the upcoming Royal wedding, you must be living under a rock. It’s stolen headlines around the world for just over the last week and apparently the fact that Prince Harry has finally popped the question to American actress Meghan Markle, is even more important than the discovery that the slave trade in Libya is still going strong. But why are we all so excited about a wedding we won’t be

70 Years of Ferrari: How a Brand Turned into a Legacy

2017 marks a very special birthday for Ferrari, it has been 70 years since the world-famous emblem was first displayed on the Ferrari 125 S, a purpose-built race car with a V12 engine, designed by Gioacchino Colombo. Between then and now, Ferrari has developed into a renowned luxury brand, producing some of the most expensive, powerful and beautiful supercars in the world. Along with a whole host of celebrations to mark the occasion worldwide, Ferrari

The Bugatti Chiron is No Longer the Fastest Car in The World… Introducing the New Tesla Roadster

There are so many reasons supercar hire is so popular, for example, the cars are beautifully luxurious, often rare and above all, fast. And now it’s official, Bugatti have just lost their title for producing the fastest road legal car in the world. With a new car that’s so quick we didn’t even see it coming, Tesla have just revealed the new second generation Roadster, an electric supercar which has an almighty top speed of

Luxury London Christmas Shopping Tours: The Very Best Gifts, Food and Wine the City Has to Offer

With less than four weeks left until Christmas Day, we’re sure you’re well under way with your Christmas shopping. From gifts for the big day to decorations and of course, not forgetting food and drink, there’s a lot to get right. London is home to one of the biggest and best shopping destinations in the world, perfect for getting some inspiration and ticking a few more items off that list. Oxford Street, Regent Street, Bond

An Evening being Bond: Starr Luxury Cars

I want to be James Bond, not a bond girl. The danger, the violence, the toys. I want to be the one making the decisions, catching the thieves, beating the shit out of baddies, being the magnet of heat and electricity whom no one can resist. You don’t f*ck with Bond, Bond f*cks with you. Your entrance and departure at a scene is everything. From the way you walk, dress, hold yourself. Life can be

The Ultimate Luxury Car Hire Wedding Proposals

Whether you’ve been together for ten years or ten months, the old saying is true – when you know you know. If you’re thinking about proposing you’ve probably seen loads of viral videos depicting all sorts of ways to pop the question, from flash mobs to bungee jumping to fake plan failures, leaving you the room to be as unique or traditional as you like. One thing is for sure, the best proposals have had

Luxury Car Hire For UK Prom

OUR LUXURY UK PROM HIRE CARS The prom is now one of the biggest events in the educational calendar tocelebrate the end of exams in the UK. Making an entrance to the prom hasnever been more important… We have the U.K.’s largest available fleet of supercars, Rolls Royces and more discrete Range Rovers available to hire to make your prom start witha bang! ASTON MARTIN PROM HIRE request quote AUDI R8 PROM HIRE request quote

Luxury Car Hire for a Bar Mitzvah UK

For Jewish boys and girls, the age of 12-13 marks a coming of age, children are considered mature enough to be accountable for their actions and this deserves much celebration. A Bar or Bat Mitzvah ceremony marks the teen becoming a fully-integrated member of the Jewish community and usually occurs on the first Shabbat after the boy or girl’s birthday. So if this applies to your son or daughter, Mazel Tov! They’re about to embark