2017 Toyota Etios Cross Review

The current Etios Cross was released back in 2014 and since then it became a favourite in India thanks to its sublime ride quality, very fuel efficient engines and rather interesting styling on the outside. Despite that though, the car is expected to receive an update with the 2017 Toyota Etios Cross and that’s because a new version of the Etios is going to be released on the market. Just like with the sedan or

Toyota Corolla Altis 2016 Review

The Corolla is the best selling car in the World and that’s because it is also available around the World, perfectly suited for the market its being sold in. The Indian version of the car has been around for nearly three years now so it is expected to receive an update quite soon with the Toyota Corolla Altis 2016, a car which will receive a rather large visual update that will allow it to better

Toyota Avanza 2016 Review,Price,Specs

The Avanza is a compact MPV which has been around for nearly 15 years now while the current model has been on the market since 2013. In the meantime, it received an updated a few months ago with the Toyota Avanza 2016 which includes a more pleasing exterior, an updated running gear as well as more features inside the cabin. This model will also be sold in India now for a very competitive price considering

5 Top Tips For First-Time Car Buyers

Buying your first car is a wonderful experience. You are finally free to explore the world. Well, the local motorways, at least! It gives you a certain sense of freedom and making plans becomes a lot easier. But, buying a car is also a daunting experience. Visiting the dealership, negotiating the price, and choosing the right car are all tricky. Even experienced car buyers still struggle with the process. The trick is to stay calm,

Aston Martin Vanquish Road Test

The Aston Martin Vanquish size is 4,720mm long, 2,067 mm wide and 1,294 mm high and has wheelbase measuring 2,740 mm. Thus, the Vanquish is 5mm wider and 14mm higher than the car it replaces, the DBS. Using the upgrade of the VH aluminium platforms and carbon materials in some parts, the Vanquish comes in weighing 1,739 kg, 55 kg lighter than the DBS and weight distribution ratio of 50/50. Under the bonnet, the Aston

Ferrari 458 Italia

The 458 Italia is the replacement for the F430. Although the basic ingredients are the same the 458 is to baby Ferrari’s what the jet engine was to civil aviation – a quantum leap. On paper the scale of the difference is less than obvious but the 4.5-litre direct injection V8 is related to that in California, rather than the 430, and produces more power (562bhp) and revs to 9000rpm. For the first time in

BMW 1M UK Test Drive

First things first, I don’t like the name, they should have swallowed their pride and called it the M1. I know there was a mid-engined supercar called the M1 about 30 years ago, which wasn’t very successful, but it would be impossible to confuse these two machines. I’ve always preferred light, small, focused cars above the big powerhouses. So you can imagine my delight when I first caught sight of the BMW 1M. The 500bhp

Infinitis First Hybrid The M35h

Hybrid cars are becoming more popular than ever due to their fuel efficiency and environmental friendliness. Infiniti, a brand known for its fine luxury automobiles, will debut its first hybrid vehicle, the M35h, at the 2010 Paris Auto Show. Often hybrid autos will sacrifice appearances and engine power in order to achieve maximum efficiency but not this car. What differentiates this auto from the rest is its immense power, ability to each fast speeds and

How To Avoid Falling Victim To Car Thieves

Having your vehicle stolen can be a traumatic and stressful experience. In addition to the cost factor, having your property snatched away can make some people feel very vulnerable and violated. Here are a few useful guidelines to lessen your chances of being a victim. It’s not just the actual vehicle that you should be worried about; some thieves are keen on stealing the belongings you have inside. The easiest way to prevent theft is

Picking A Car For Your Teenage Driver

Teenagers are much more likely to be involved in auto accidents, not because they’re young, but because they lack driving experience. The only way to get the experience, of course, is to drive. There are a few things that parents can and should do to increase the chances that their teens will arrive home at the end of the day in one piece. Skip the online driver’s ed courses in favour of the more complete

Luxury Cars Require Luxury Fuel

There are few better things in life than driving a luxury hire car; nothing comes close to the pleasure and thrill you get from knowing that your vehicle is one of the most finest crafted machines in the world. Renting a luxury car is an investment and now that you have obtained the auto you have always craved, whether is a Mercedes Benz hire, Ferrari hire or a Jaguar hire car, you will want to keep her in

Changan CS95 Concept

The new concept of Changan CS95 was debuted on a showroom in Shanghai, as a pilot model of the big Changan SUV who will take a place in a model range above the current CS35 version. The  Changan CS95 Concept looks typically like the classical Chinese concept car with most front part of a body and traditional inconsistent lines. Some different flowers, large headlights and large light-alloy wheels distinguish the Changan CS95 Concept from other cars

2015 Aston Martin Vulcan Specifications

With its 800 hp engine over-developed with Aston Martin Racing, the centre front engine, rear-wheel drive sports car is largely based on a wealth of experience of the brand GT motorsport. Using the techniques of engineering motorsport world-class supercar sees its highest power to weight ratio than those of GTE cars that compete in the World Endurance Championship annual FIA. Composed of advanced engineering, including what comes from the successful campaign of the brand GT

Buying A New Luxury Car? Read Our Checklist

When buying a new luxury car a checklist is a good idea to make sure you cover all the bases. You might think you can remember everything, but if you forget one thing it might cost you. You could end up regretting your new car experience if leave out one item. By having a checklist you can make sure you cover all the important car buying steps and avoid and car dealer scams. A good

Is Driving Dangerous For Teens?

Most teens are very excited to learn how to drive; most cant wait to get their first car and go for a cruise. However, most parents are probably a bit nervous about their teens getting behind the wheel and rightfully so. Many teens get involved in dangerous accidents due to immaturity and recklessness. Many issues like to push the limits when it comes to driving; especially if they drive a fast car like a Ferrari

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